A Favorite Stopover

It’s been soggy in Nashville. Nine of our fourteen day stay has been damp, chilly, and rainy, which has been very disappointing considering we’ve had the perfect campsite. This is the first time since we’ve been coming here that we’ve been able to score a lakeside site. It’s also the worst weather conditions we’ve ever had while here. What luck, eh! Still, the view from our rear window has been incredible. We’ve watched the rain come across the lake toward us, and the loons submerging themselves into the water only to reappear a few feet further away. We witnessed a seaplane land on the surface and taxi over to the dock. We’ve watched a Bald Eagle soar over the SuitePea and a Blue Heron that fishes the shoreline behind us each morning, and once, Don was lucky enough to see an Osprey swoop done and catch a fish in its talons. We’ll take life’s little pleasures where we can find them.


We did manage a few outings when the weather was cooperative. Knowing Beau needed to get out and stretch his legs after spending 3 rainy days in a row inside, we took him to Centennial Park near downtown. The 132 acre park was once farmland but was turned into the state fairgrounds after the Civil War. In 1897, it was the site of Tennessee’s Centennial Exposition, which earned the park it’s name.


After the expo ended, many of the buildings and exhibits were dismantled except for the bandshell, an exact replica of  The Parthenon in Athens, Greece,  which is the park’s main feature, and the landscaping with its beautiful sunken gardens. Other features have since been added, such as a cultural arts center, a sports complex, sculptures, picnic area, and more. One of its features is a huge off leash dog park. I felt it would be the ideal place for Beau to burn off some energy. Upon arrival though, we discovered that much of the play area was muddy so we nixed that idea. However, the rest of park was the perfect setting for a dog friendly stroll. The walking paths are all paved and will take you in numerous directions. We chose the paths that took us around the lake and to The Parthenon. Beau made many new friends of both the two legged and four legged variety.




Another outing was to Antique Archaeology Nashville. It is one of two shops affiliated with the American Pickers Show on the History Channel. Anticipating a crowd we made certain to arrive prior to opening. Good planning on our part.  It didn’t take very long at all to go through as it was much smaller than we’d expected. There’s some pretty unique stuff on display but overall it, like our weather, proved disappointing. Don felt too much of the space was dedicated to the sale of tee shirts.






This time through we finally got around to eating at the infamous Loveless Cafe, a Nashville landmark since 1951. Situated on Highway 100 which is part of the Natchez Trail, the restaurant was opened to serve travelers passing through town. A 14 room motel was soon added. Noted for its down home Southern style chicken and biscuits, the cafe has been written about in USA Today, Southern Living, and The Tennessean, just to name a few. It’s also been televised on popular talk and news shows. We went for breakfast and to sample the much sought after buttered biscuits.  The biscuits were good, as was the rest of our food, and the place is kinda kitschy and neat, especially the iconic neon sign out front, but unless we are staying nearby, we wouldn’t go out of our way to return.


Other than these short ventures into town and one longer one across the state to visit friends in Crossville, we pretty much just hung out in camp. The bad weather did afford Don time to practice and for me to give Suite Pea a good cleaning. I guess we really can’t complain, it’s been a nice relaxing reprieve.

Until next time, here’s lookin’ at you kid…….


Sunset on J. Percy Priest Lake

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