Suite Pea (Our Home on Wheels)

After a year of research and debating the pros and cons of a motorcoach vs a 5er, we opted for a well built, four season DRV Mobile Suite 36RSSB fifth wheel. We have made a few interior modifications to better suit our needs. We pull our home with a Ford 450 pick-up truck that has also been adapted to our lifestyle needs.


8 thoughts on “Suite Pea (Our Home on Wheels)

  1. Anonymous

    Don, I made the same decision. Ok have a 34 ft Keystone. I just have not left the big A yet. D

    Dennis Nicholas

  2. I’m most interested in knowing if you found any drawbacks to 36 ft. We are about to pull the trigger on 35ft but always worry about it being prohibitive in non-rv park campgrounds. Have you done any boondocking with it? Also, what generator are you running?

  3. Hi there, we just found your site. We are 53 and 56 respectively and hope to do the same thing, travel on the road but we figure we have a few more working years first. We’ll be reading and watching w/ much interest. I wish we could have done it in our early 50s but early 60s will have to do. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • 1800-22-12 I will have to add this one to my list. Currently I am a Facebook and Twitter nut. I recently joined triberr but after glancing through it, realise I need more than luck to figure it out, lol.I will definitely give Pinterest a visit, though. Thanks for letting us know about it.

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