Short Stops

We left northern Michigan in a driving rain. If it wasn’t for needing to be at the RV repair shop bright and early the following morning we would’ve waited out the weather. But as anyone with an RV needing work done will tell you, you take whatever appointment you can get, too many RVs, not enough RV technicians. As it turned out we went from being cold and wet to scorching hot in northern Indiana.

This was our first time using Twin Lakes RV Repair in Lagrange. Thor / DRV recommended them to Don as they do all of their non warranty work on DRVs. Interstate, the last repair company that DRV recommended to us was a bitter disappointment. The owner-technician at Interstate clearly didn’t want to be bothered doing some of the repairs we requested that would’ve taken a little effort on his part to accomplish. Also, his customer service was poor. Obviously we weren’t sure what to expect this time. I will say it was pleasant doing business with them. They got us in promptly upon our arrival and immediately focused on our rig until the job was completed. The work was done in a timely manner and the owner, Jay, was wonderful with keeping us updated on the work as it progressed. We are extremely pleased.

After we returned to our campsite, Don contacted AT&T / Direct TV to have them send a satellite signal to our new location as we had severe thunderstorm warnings for our area. Our tv had been sitting dormant for the 2 plus months we were on the family property. AT&T blatantly told him that they were no longer serving the RVing community. WOW! 18 years of loyalty with Direct TV meant nothing not to mention the money invested in our Winegard traveler installed on Suite Pea’s roof. WOW AGAIN! Don investigated switching over to the DISH network but we decided to just go with air tv for the time being. We can always switch later.

Tomorrow we’ll be back on the road. We’re returning to Michigan only this time we’ll be in the southeastern portion right on the shores of Lake Erie. We will be visiting family. Our daughter Leslie, her new husband, and our granddaughter live nearby.

Sterling State Park

We arrived late in the afternoon to gray skies and gusting wind off the lake. The next couple of days went downhill from there which was really too bad because Sterling State Park is truly  awesome for biking and walking. We were unable to do as much of that as we would’ve liked thanks to the remnants of tropical storm Gordon. The last day of our 4 day stay turned out to be a pleasant sunny one with mild temps. We felt it would be the perfect time for a cookout and campfire with the kids before we left.


Ava, Joe’s daughter Tory, Leslie & Joe

One other thing I ALWAYS must do whenever I’m within 50 miles of it is stop in to my all time favorite restaurant to feast upon my all time favorite food, a Botana from The Matador. Knowing I’d be in the doghouse with my mom and daughters back home for teasing them with photos of our meal, I did purchase Margaret’s homemade hot sauce to give each of them when we return to southern Indiana. It’s my peace offering.


Manna from heaven ❤️

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…..

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4 thoughts on “Short Stops

  1. There are things about the Midwest that I miss, but that rainy weather isn’t one of them. Glad you found a good repair shop and that really stinks regarding Direct TV. Direct probably won’t even be around in ten years anyway hurting AT&T … Karma!

    • I don’t mind the rain so much but the buffeting winds really had the Suite Pea rocking. Lake Erie is the shallowest of the 5 Greats so the rollers were huge. I thought about getting a few pics but it wasn’t fit for man nor beast to be outside.

  2. It’s AT&T, since they bought Direct TV the whole shebang has deteriorated rapidly. We’ve talked to other RVers who have been spurned by AT&at/ Direct TV as well.

  3. WOW!! With all of the competition out there in providing some kind of TV service, you would think any company providing this service would fall all over their customers. I just don’t understand….. I guess you have to hope it was the person you talked to and not the company as a whole.

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