Catching Up


Bear Lane, the road leading to the property.

It’s been brought to my attention by more than one person that I have been remiss in giving an update about our truck and Suite Pea’s awning. Alright. I admit it. I’m a slacker. So here it is in a nutshell.

After spending 4 days in the service department at Ford’s AND being driven back and forth to work by the service department manager, the truck’s turbo never acted up once. Nothing showed up on the diagnostics they ran either. In a way we are grateful but we know the truck has it in for us and is just biding it’s time, laying in wait for when we least expect it.

As for the new awning, we are still in limbo. It took our RV insurance company (Progressive), 11 days after the fact before an insurance adjuster came out. We gave them an estimate by the only reputable RV repairman in the area. Progressive sent us a check for considerably less than was needed. By the time this was accomplished it was too late to order the replacement awning, let alone install it, before we departed Indiana. Fortunately we know another reputable RV repairman in Grayling, Michigan who has done work for us before. Don gave him a call, explained our situation and an awning was ordered right away. Don submitted the new estimate to Progressive. We were told another check is in the mail. We are still awaiting the second check. The awning is in and we expect installation next Wednesday. YEA! We’ve REALLY missed our awning on rainy days and hot days.

Before photo

The property before being logged.

It’s been 18 days since we first arrived at the family property. We’ve had a lot of family up especially over the 4th of July holiday week. Our oldest drove up for a visit with 4 of our grandchildren in tow as well as our oldest granddaughter’s boyfriend. All of us, along with a handful of cousins, attended the local firework display. Always fun for me since I’m big on fireworks. Kristi and I took one day to take her 2 little ones on an outing to Leland and Suttons Bay. We had a beautiful day for it.



Don has been keeping quite busy either doing trail work or performing. Last year while we were up visiting my father, (he had open heart surgery last Summer), a lumber company came through and logged some timber off the land. They not only left behind a huge mess, they also obliterated the trail that ran the back end of the property. Don has taken it upon himself to clear a new trail which unlike the previous one, will only be on the family acreage and not on the adjoining property. Although that has never been an issue since the adjoining property is owned by my cousins, should they ever decide to sell it could become a point of contention. The new path now runs along the perimeter of our land.


The new trail is taking shape. Notice the downed trees to the right, thats how most of the property looked after the loggers came through.

Don has been playing at the local Eagle aerie weekly and also has 2 house concerts on tap while we are here. It’s given him an opportunity to try out his new tunes on a live audience so he can gauge their reaction.

Don Eagles-001

milkweed field



And what have I been doing? Mostly battling allergies. The milkweed is in bloom and much to my chagrin, it grows profusely up and down the road. It and I do not cohabitate well.  The butterflies love it though and the place is teeming with them. Since I do enjoy watching them flit around and I do admire their delicate beauty, I guess I’ll just accept the sneezing, runny nose and sinus headache.


Last but not least is Beau. He loves it on the property. He gets to chase rabbits in the morning, go swimming during the day, go for golf cart rides in the evening, and best of all, visit his human grandpa who’s sure to have a handful of treats waiting for him. Can you say spoiled?

Until next time, here’s lookin’ at you kid…..


Beau & I spotted these turkeys while on his evening ride.

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10 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I always enjoy your blog posts so was happy to see this one show up yesterday. It looks like you are having some good quality family time, which is always fun! Is there somewhere to check where Don will be playing next season? I see you responded to a previous comment that he would be playing gigs from Biloxi thru the Panhandle. We are thinking of traveling with two other couples through some of that area in the spring. It would be great to have the opportunity to hear him if it was along our route. It’s great that this is working out well for him.

  2. Sounds and looks like a beautiful piece of property. Is it in Michigan? Hope the truck behaves for you!

    • Yes the property is in northern Michigan. Actually it’s just outside of Kalkaska & just a short hop from lovely Traverse City. If you’ve never been here you really must come for a visit Ingrid.

      • I love Michigan. I’ve been to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and Machinac Island. Have done a Lake Michigan loop that I hope to repeat. Visiting MI during September to capture fall colors is on my list.

        • Autumn in Michigan can’t be beat! Seeing the colors of the trees reflected on a crystal clear lake on a crisp, still morning, viewing the colors from the Jordan Valley overlook, or driving through the Tunnel of Trees on M119, are just a few of my favorite Fall memories. But I encourage you to tour the Upper Peninsula as well. Keweenaw peninsula, Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains, & the Upper & Lower Tahquamenon Falls are all extremely photo worthy too.

          • When and if we do a Lake Michigan loop, I will definitely be checking in with you for recommendations. And I totally agree – autumn in MI can’t be beat! Easily rivals the northeast.

  3. So good to hear from you!!! I have missed your blog….Insurance..can’t do with and can’t do without it…they are so hard to deal with!!!
    Looks like your enjoying your time while battling allergies!!! Not fun…Guy takes 2 allergy pills a day every day of the year…
    Love time spent with the kids…exhausting but seeing their happy faces and laughter is priceless!!
    Wow, that is awesome that Don is getting to perform his songs!! Someday would love to hear him sing and play!!!

    • Hi Sue, tell Guy I feel his pain. I’ve been taking allergy meds since February. Thanks to our lifestyle I get to experience Spring all the way north, then I can follow the ragweed all the way back south. Oh well. I know you recently had your grandchildren for a visit too & your right, it can be exhausting. You & I both know we wouldn’t trade it for the world. As for Don’s music, he is teaming up with an established Trop Rocker next season & playing gigs from Biloxi through the Panhandle. He has 2 songs playing on the Trop Rock/ Beach radio stations right now. Who knows, maybe you’ll turn on the dial & hear him sing one of these days.

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