Fixin’ to Head Over Yonder


The cotton bolls are beginning to pop

Leprosy Armadillos

Beau’s curiosity is piqued by a new creature on his morning walk

Our time in lower Alabama has come to an end but we did enjoy the time we had. We spent our 10 days camped at our Escapees club park where we have several friends who either snowbird or live here. It was good to catch up and see everyone was doing well. Although Don and I have parked here many times, this was Beau’s first visit. Everyone was saddened to learn of our Golden boy Tucker’s death but they soon found themselves enamored with Beau and his antics. Beau made a few fur friends too. He loved his romps with Montana, another Golden who is one year older than Beau, and sweet Belle, a Labradoodle puppy who loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone she meets, including Beau.


Belle & Beau


Monty & Beau romp in the dog park

We made time to relax on Gulf Shore’s beautiful pristine white sand beach. The crowds were down because the kids are back in school and the snowbirds hadn’t arrived in mass yet. Since we arrived early to avoid the heat of the day we had an entire section to ourselves. Aah. How nice to sit back and be mesmerized by the waves. Don and I rarely go into the water, there are things in there that’ll eat you, you know, but the surf was calling and the water was crystal clear, so in we went. It was like bath water. Don stated he couldn’t recall the ocean ever being that warm before. I wonder if this crazy hurricane season we’re experiencing this Fall has anything to do with it.



Peanuts will soon be harvested

Having spent much time previously in this area, we have quite a few favorite restaurants here but other than going out for Q the day we arrived and to Don’s Gulf Shore hot spot, we didn’t dine out. His hot spot is LuLu’s, Jimmy Buffett’s younger sister’s restaurant. Anyone who knows Don knows he is a true Parrothead and loves the TropRock vibe and LuLu’s epitomizes that. On the evening we went the popular TropRocker Brent Burns was performing. Don is one of his many fans and was delighted to finally see him perform in person. It got even better, during intermission Brent came over to our table and chatted with Don about their mutual interest. Needless to say I went home with a very happy husband that night.


Brent & Don at LuLu’s

Next on our agenda is Florida and perhaps a recording studio for Don. He’s been approached by disc jockeys at both A1A and Oyster radio stations about his songs, so we will see if this is a direction he wants to go in.

Heres lookin’ at you kid…….


Rainbow over Rainbow Plantation RV Park

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