Let’s Play Catch Up

The jacks are up and we’re rolling again. Not a moment too soon either. I have had a serious case of “hitch itch” since about mid August. I had promised my father though that we wouldn’t leave until after his final post surgery check up on September 7th. Until that time came we were really looking froward to our youngest daughter Bobbi-Leigh and granddaughter Kendra coming up for a Labor Day weekend visit.

Then 3 days before their arrival Bobbi called with bad news, she was having surgery in the morning to have her gall bladder removed. This was totally unexpected but necessary. Knowing she would need help caring for her 2 year old, I spent time both on line and on the phone trying to find us a campsite near Bloomington, Indiana. With the holiday weekend looming just days ahead, it was a bust. Not a site to be found in either state or private parks. No surprise there.

Kristi, our oldest, had the day of surgery covered. Kendra would be dropped off at her daycare, then Kristi would drive Bobbi-Leigh to the hospital and stay until she was in recovery. Afterward she would pick Kendra up and take her home with her to spend the night. I packed a bag, informed pop there was a possibility I wouldn’t be back to the property in time to go with him to his doctor appointment, I then hopped into the truck and drove 8 hours straight to the hospital. I surprised Bobbi, who had no idea I was coming down. She was so relieved to have her mom with her she started crying. I stayed the entire week until Bobbi no longer had any restrictions and could return to work.


I enjoyed my week with Kendra

I did make it back in time to go with dad but he had already asked his friend and neighbor Sandy to go with him. So Don and I then began prepping to leave. There’s much to do after one’s been sitting for 3 months. I also had 2 weeks worth of laundry to get caught up on. The good news is dad was given a clean bill of health. 😄

Then Hurricane Irma blew into Florida, and there went our September reservations for Georgia and Florida. We decided instead to head south into Alabama. Hearing this, Kristi strongly encouraged us to stop once more in Indiana. I didn’t respond. Instead, we snuck into town, set up camp, and got a good night’s sleep. We were exhausted after making the entire trip in one day. Normally we’d stop halfway as we try not to drive more than 4 hours, 5 tops, on travel days.


A frequent visitor to our campsite was youngest grandchild Mia.

The next day we surprised Kristi by taking her and our youngest grandchild to lunch. We lucked into having our oldest grandchild join us too since he wasn’t due into work until later that afternoon.


Brad, Kristi, Mia & Don at Mother Bear’s Pizza

We’re glad we made the decision to spend a week visiting with our kids. Everyone had a good time. As a bonus, we unexpectedly ran into another camping couple that we had known in our previous life as travel softball parents, Mike and Patty Baker. Mike and Don used to coach sister travel teams in the Indiana Stealers organization. It was fun catching up with them.


Gabby & grandpa.  We celebrated this youngster’s 10th birthday with a cookout and cupcakes.


Don with Mike Baker

Then it was time to get back on the road again. Destination? Gulf Shores.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…..


The iconic peach water tower of Clanton, Alabama. An overnight stopping point for us.


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Catch Up

  1. Glad to hear you’re back on the road and I know your daughter was very happy to see you. Yep, Irma may impact our winter excursion to TX. We’re still trying to figure that one out and may end up staying in AZ. But alas, with no res in AZ during peak season that too may present a problem. Oh well, like you, we always find a way.

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