Biding Our Time


My father’s surgery at the time we left Indiana was scheduled for June 13. Normally we overnight 1 night along the way when we travel up to the property from Indiana. Anything less makes the trip too tedious. Liz and Randy, our friends from Canada, told me about a favorite stopover spot of theirs when they make their snowbird trips between Ontario and Florida each year. Liz felt it would be a big hit with Don after she learned what a huge turkey aficionado he is. So instead of the usual 1 night stay, I booked us 2.


When we first pulled in to Camp Turkeyville Don’s comment was, “Why did you book us two nights here?” but within only a matter of hours he was saying, ” I wish we could stay longer.” That’s how nice it was. Perhaps we had just gotten lucky since Michigan schools were still in session and our stay was midweek, there were relatively few RVs in attendance, it was so quiet and so peaceful. What a welcome change after staying at a Jellystone Park! It was rejuvenating.


Our pull-thru site


Looking out over the park from our site


Looking back toward Suite Pea. You can see how empty the park was.

Although Camp Turkeyville is less than 1 1/2 miles off I-69, there is no road noise. Instead we were surrounded by a sea of green farm pasture and woods. I don’t believe the park is all that old. Everything, the grounds, the sites, the buildings, are meticulously kept. The sites are all full hookup, spacious and level. From Don’s perspective though, the best thing about Camp Turkeyville is the on site restaurant with its menu of all things turkey. I didn’t cook once during our stay. Thanks Liz! In the future I see us utilizing this campground often.


Lots of these critters roam the campground freely…..until they get called to the kitchen.

Dad came out to meet us as we pulled into our “new” campsite on the property. Long time readers of this blog may recall there is a 50 amp, full hookup site here that we have always utilized in the past. When the site was put in, no one expected to have a rig the size of Suite Pea in it. We fit, but it’s tight. The trees are close to our slide outs and prevent us from using our awning. There’s also no good place to park the truck when all the family is up. The property’s layout (or lack thereof) was poorly thought out IF it was thought out at all. The first 2-3 acres of this 10 acre plot hosts 4 trailer park sized trailers, 2 of which have been added on to, and a cabin. It’s over crowded to say the least, and it’s gloomy, very little sunlight penetrates through the canopy of trees. Because of this I was having difficulty accepting that I needed to be back here again this summer…..until Don came to the rescue. It was his idea to park Suite Pea in the clearing at the base of the horseshoe drive. In that area we would have space, some privacy, and best of all, sunlight. He had dad install the electric and with a water line close by, it’s perfect. It’s not a full hookup site but Don said he can easily dump the honeypot at the old site. Not so different than staying in a state park. He’s pleased with this location too.


Our old site on the property.

                           It’s obvious why we like the new site better isn’t it?


Our “new” site on the property.

Once we were finished setting up, dad gave me the news. He had just spoken to his heart doctor minutes prior to our arrival. The doctor pushed back dad’s surgery date until after he can review dad’s chemical CT scan results. That scan is scheduled for June 26. Since the surgeon only does heart valve replacements twice a month, the earliest we’re looking at for dad’s surgery now would be July 13.

blackberries-in-bloom-2011 (1)

Might as well make use of our time then. Don and dad have worked on clearing the trail that leads to the back acreage. A tree had come down over the winter and needed to be cut up. Also the wild blackberry bushes were encroaching and had to be cut back. We’re looking forward to their blooms giving way to the sweet succulent  fruit as we have a 300-400 pound black bear that is making a nuisance of himself. He’s been raiding dad’s bird feeders and destroyed the turkey/squirrels corn bin twice. We know he’ll move on once the berries come in.


Don has also cleared the overgrowth on my grandmother’s grave for me. There’s some old statuary I want to remove from the site, then we’ll plant shade loving flowers. Grandma’s grave site is away from the family plot so too often it goes neglected. I really should tackle my stepmom’s flower beds too now that  I think of it. It’s more than dad can tackle now that mom is no longer with us.

I’ve also heard rumblings from dad about cleaning out the garage and wood shop. I think I’ll make myself scarce on the day dad and Don tackle that insurmountable project.


Beau’s Freedom Road

As for Beau, he is loving his new found freedom. We’ve allowed him to run up and down the private dirt road untethered as long as we’re with him. He’s even scared up a few deer along the way during his early morning runs. He seems to be fascinated by them. Beau’s resumed swimming too with so many dog friendly fresh water lakes nearby. I believe he’s in puppy Nirvana. We may have a hard time convincing him to leave when the time comes.

Until next time…’s lookin’ at you kid.

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4 thoughts on “Biding Our Time

  1. Love that first photo. Enjoy your summer. I know Beau will!

  2. Love the “new” camp spot…I’m with Beau I love the water!!!

    • We are very pleased with it. Our spot whenever we’re up here from now on. I’ll have to bribe Beau with weekly outings to a dog friendly Florida beach to get him to leave here in August. 😃

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