A Little Family Time

I do believe this is the longest I have gone between posts. We’ve been keeping busy is an understatement. We allowed ourselves 5 weeks to spend with our family in Southern Indiana and frankly, it justs wasn’t enough time as we have had something going most everyday. That is until I blew out my back. It took me out of commission for 9 days and even now it still isn’t 100%.

So what have we been doing? We’ve celebtated birthdays with 3 of our granddaughters, Mia turned one, Kendra two, and Maddy is now Sweet 16.

Our oldest grandson Brad graduated from high school June 3. I admit to getting a little misty eyed. Where did the time go? It seemed like it was only a few years ago he was toddling along in our backyard chasing rabbits and squirrels with our Golden Retriever Maggie. We also attended two Honors Ceremonies prior to Brad’s graduation, and his Open House the day after graduation.


We enjoyed two evenings out with good friends and tried to get together for lunch with old coworkers. That didn’t pan out since I was experiencing back spasms at the time. We tried to reschedule but our calendars just couldn’t jibe with one another’s. Truth is, we didn’t have time enough to see everyone we wanted too.


A few of our old softball gang

Jack and Suzanne, friends we met our first year on the road live in the same town as our daughters. We intended to get together with them while here but unfortunately we were unable to do so before Jack unexpectedly passed away. Don and I both were sick at heart having missed seeing Jack prior to. Jack had never met a stranger and endeared himself to everyone who met him. He will be sorely missed by many. We did get the opportunity to see Suzanne before we left and were so grateful for that as we were unable to attend Jack’s memorial service. It was held during the time I was laid up with my back.


This is how I’ll always remember Jack. He loved to fish.

We hosted sleepovers with grandchildren, campfires, and had a family cookout on Memorial Day. Don and I supplied the brats, dogs, and dessert, while the girls brought sides to share. Don had also wanted to treat the women in his life to dinner on Mothers Day. It was quite the gathering with 5 generations of us assembled around a huge table at Olive Garden.



Mother’s Day dinner

We got our annual physicals out of the way and Don was able to have cataract surgery within days of our arrival. Good thing too as he had to be seen by the eye doctor at one day after, one week after, and again one month after. Doc also wants to recheck him in a year. I saw my knee doctor again for a shot of cortisone and we discussed my future options for pain management. Regrettably my back caused us to cancel our dental appointments and we were unable to reschedule in the remaining time we were in town. Good news is our appointments were for having our teeth cleaned and not for dental work.

The grandchildren love the waterpark & pools at Jellystone Campground

And, once more, our Ford 450 lemon lightened our pocketbook up to the tune of $3348 in repairs. ☹️ ‘Nuff said! The truck wasn’t the only issue Don dealt with. Our kitchen sink came unsealed from the counter and dropped 1/2″. Don removed the old sealant, braced it back up, then resealed the sink into place. After sitting a day to completely dry, it’s good as new again. Don’s handyman skills were sought after by my mother as well. He painted her ceiling, installed new blinds, and replaced her bathroom light fixture that had exploded when her house was recently hit by lightening.

Another event that filled us with pride was hearing our 9 year old granddaughter Gabby’s beautiful voice singing songs of praise in church, not once,  but twice. It was only a few years ago she was embarrassed to sing in front of anyone but her immediate family and now she does it before the entire congregation.


Gabby singing

Its been a whirlwind of activity but I wouldn’t change a thing. Missing my family, particularly the grandchildren, is the only thing  I don’t like about this full time RVing lifestyle. It’s good to go home and get a fix to last me until the next time.

Now we must make our way northward to assist dad during and after his heart surgery.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…..

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6 thoughts on “A Little Family Time

  1. Wow!! I need a nap after reading how busy you two were! How wonderful to spend time with those precious grands!! I totally understand not seeing family as much while we travel…thank goodness for FaceTime!!
    I sure hope your back gets better soon!!! I will be praying for a speedy recovery for your dad! I have been through heart surgery with my husband 8 times…my mom 2….stressful!! Good Luck!

    • No naps for us Sue but we did take two days to chill out at a quiet campground after leaving our children before heading north to my father’s. And YES, we love Face Time too!!! Thank you for remembering my father. We headed north fully believing he would have his surgery 4 days after our arrival. On the day we arrived my father’s heart doctor decided to delay the surgery until after he sees dad’s CT results on his lung. Dad’s CT isn’t until June 26. I’m thinking dad won’t have heart surgery until mid July. I can’t imagine having to go through this 10 times like you have. Talk about stress! I’m enjoying your Northeast posts, keep them coming.

  2. Gayle, I loved all of the family photos, you and Don have a beautiful famliy.

  3. Anonymous

    Gayle, your granddaughter Kendra looks like you. Maddie looks a bit like Don.

    • I’m somewhat surprised by your comment as Maddy is my daughter’s daughter. Don & I were both married previously & we each have a daughter from our first marriages & one together. Kendra is our daughter Bobbi-Leigh’s daughter. The family thinks Kendra looks like her mommy when she was little, & Bobbi looks very much like Don (before I turned his hair gray.)

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