Au revoir New Orleans!

Until next time. And there will be a next time.


We have both thoroughly enjoyed our stay in the The Big Easy! There is so much to see and do here and not all of its in the French Quarter. We have been in NOLA for 9 days and we’ve barely scratched the surface. That being said, we are already planning to return.

We wrapped up our time here by touring both the WWII Museum and Confederate Memorial Hall.



Combat Pigeon Loft, carrier pigeons were used by both Axis & Allied in every theater of WWII where they proved vital to long distance communications.

The National WWII Museum, formerly known as the D-Day Museum, is said to be the best military museum of its kind in the U.S. It’s focus is on the contribution the United States made to the Allied victory. The museum tells the story of the American experience through exhibits, film, and personal accounts.


Ernie Pyle memorabilia

War correspondent Ernie Pyle memorabilia

To make the experience more personal, upon entry each person is issued a dog tag. The dog tag connects you to an actual WWII service man, or woman, then allows you to follow their service, deeds, and exploits during their time served. Or until they lost their life in the line of duty.

Eisenhower jacket

Eisenhower’s jacket

Don and I began our visit on the Road to Berlin but we parted ways shortly afterward. As I continued to explore the European Campaign, Don viewed the 4D movie Beyond All Boundaries. Later when we met up again at the Pacific Campaign’s Road to Tokyo exhibit, he told me the movie, narrated by Tom Hanks, was spellbinding and he wished I’d seen it. ( I’m careful about viewing 3D or 4D films as they can mess with my equilibrium).



USS Missouri surrender card

USS Missouri Surrender Card, in 1944 Lt. Benno Janssen Jr., witnessed the formal surrender of the Japanese forces to the Allied powers. This commemorative card was printed & given only to those present at this historic event.

I would recommend to anyone interested in touring the museum to allow at least 4 hours to fully experience and see everything. We did it in 3 hours but felt we’d not covered some of the displays as in depth as we would have liked since we wanted to have lunch too before returning to the RV park. We don’t like to leave Beau alone for more than 4 hours, 5 tops, on any given day. We feel it’s not fair to him.

Shrimp Po'boy from Domilise's

Shrimp Po’boy

We opted to eat at Domilise’s Po’boy & Bar for lunch.  It’s  been featured on many of the Food Network’s food shows and their shrimp po’boy won the Best Sandwich of the Gulf States award. With that resume we had big expectations for this po’boy but we were disappointed. It tasted alright but we just don’t see what all the ballyhoo was about. So, on that note, we headed home.


The following day we toured Confederate Memorial Hall. It’s touted as having the most extensive collection of Civil War artifacts in America. It opened in January 1891 as a place to honor and commemorate the South’s military history and heritage.


The personal effects of Charles M. Horton who died from injuries received at the Battle of Mansfield. These items were returned to his mother as a kindness from Eliza Field of Mansfield. The items include a remnant of the Confederate Flag he was holding when shot down.

Photos above are personal effects of Robert E. Lee & Jefferson Davis family Bible

It does have some unique personal items of key Civil War players on display. Also, the number of guns, sabers, uniforms, and flags is numerous, however Don and I felt that the Civil War museum connected to the White House of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia was better put together. Still, if you’re a Civil War buff like we are, then it’s definitely worth a look see.


The historic St. Charles streetcar line runs from the French Quarter to the Garden District

For lunch we returned to the French Quarter to dine at Cafe Maspero. We were told that if we liked the muffuletta at Central Market (we did), then we would love the muffuletta at Maspero’s. We do! In all fairness though I would recommend having one from each place as they both bring something different to the table.  Pun intended.


A muffuletta from Cafe Maspero’s in the Quarter

When we returned to the Suite Pea we discovered we had new neighbors. One thing about this lifestyle, you meet many interesting folks along the way. Our new neighbors are 2 Aussies, Tim and Greg. They flew from Australia to LAX, rented a small Class C and are traveling across America to NYC. There they will board a return flight home. We are really enjoying getting to know them.

So, I’ve been asked, would I recommend staying at New Orleans KOA West to others? Well, it does have pros and cons. The paved double wide rv sites are very nice. The connectivity has been great and believe me we’ve been giving it a workout with both AC units running. Water pressure’s very good. Verizon signal is strong and more than half the sites would work well for satellite tv. We are on a shaded site (# 64) where we can’t use ours  but the site does has cable and most stations come in fine. The park has free wifi but we haven’t used it so cannot say if it’s good or not. The KOA does have a nice clean laundry that is more than adequate for the park’s size. Park is easy on/off from I-10 and within 10 miles of most tourist attractions. There’s a Super Walmart nearby for groceries and a great walking/biking trail alongside the Mississippi River right across the street. Also, if you’re a dog parent you’ll appreciate the dog play area.

New Orleans West KOA Site # 64

Our site at New Orleans KOA West

On the down side, somewhat, the small campground is on a loop. One way in, one way out. The road in from the entry is level and in great shape but the backside of the loop is horrendous. The park is located between two neighborhoods, a nice middle class one, and a rough looking poor one,  BUT the park does have round the clock security and we have felt perfectly as ease being here. The airport is located close by as are train tracks but we rarely notice noise coming from either. The only noise we have been aggravated by is a neighbor (outside the park) with his bass jacked up, usually in the evening. I also feel the rate is high for this facility but I do understand that it’s all about location.

Mississippi River

View of the muddy Mississippi River from the riverwalk

I will say that we’ve been satisfied with our stay and will more than likely stay here again when we return. There are other options in the area. I strongly suggest doing your homework and research, research, research.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…….

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