A Visit With Friends


Early morning sunrise on Santa Rosa Sound

April 1st found us on Florida’s highways along with perhaps 750,000 other migrating snowbirds. Traffic wasn’t bad until we reached the Pensacola causeway over to Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach. It took us almost as long to cross it as it did for us to drive up from Carrabelle to Pensacola.

That’s when it dawned on me, “WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?”

I’d forgotten that Spring Break was still going on. Not only that but it was a Saturday, probably the worst day of the week to travel.  I really MUST start doing a better job at trip planning.


Eventually we did get settled into our site at Pensacola Beach RV Resort. Our friends John and Pam came over to welcome us. They are regulars here since they have a son that lives nearby. They filled us in on where to eat and shop, and what to do while in the area, then they left us to finish setting up.


So how did we spend our one week at Pensacola Beach? We acted like tourists. We did lots of walking,  with the RV park located right in the center of everything it was more convenient to walk than drive. We spent time on the beach admiring the pristine white sand and azure blue Gulf. We strolled the boardwalk, we sampled the local cuisine, we spent time with our friends, and even attended a concert at the beach amphitheater.


Evening concert goers on Casino Beach with The Not Quite Fab Four, a Beatle’s tribute band.

We also ventured up to the north side of the island one day to visit both Fort Pickins and the Gulf Islands National Seashore. The virtually indestructible Fort Pickins stood out in stark contrast against the fragile sand dunes surrounding it. This section of seashore still shows the ravages that Hurricane Ivan wrought upon it in 2004.

Notice how thick the walls are, it’s no wonder it survives hurricanes. The battery, lower left, is one of 4 we saw in the process of being restored.

Nesting Osprey

One of several nesting Osprey we spotted at the national seashore

Great Egret preparing to take flight

Just south of the national seashore’s entry gate we discovered a dog beach, much to Beau’s delight. Although the surf was too rough for him to swim he still enjoyed playing in the sand and getting his paws wet. It was a great spot for shelling too.


Mixed in with all this fun and sunshine we did experience two days of scary weather with high winds, some hail, and a deluge of rain. The wind and rain combination caused a significant amount of water to enter through our door. Fortunately Don was able to pinpoint where the leak was. He dried it out and sealed it. Good thing too because two days later, the second storm hit with more force than the first.


Us on the beach after the storm

On our final evening we walked to Flounders where we had a delicious dinner on the beach followed by cocktails with John and Pam back at the Suite Pea. It was a great ending to a wonderful but short visit. Until we meet again…

here’s lookin’ at you kid.

Don & I with Pam & John Cook

Don & I had a nice visit with dear friends, Pam & John. We met 4 years ago on the road & have remained in touch.


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2 thoughts on “A Visit With Friends

  1. Beau is one good looking guy! I grew up with a golden and have always had a soft spot for them. Wonderful dogs. Sounds like a week filled with plenty of adventure!

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