We Got Lucky

Hurricane Matthew blew in and wrecked havoc on our travel plans. After closely monitoring the storm via the weather channel and newscasts, we agreed to tweak our route and come more inland. Then updates gave reports of rivers cresting, flooding occurring inland, dams giving way and roads crumbling. I decided to touch base with friends living in both North and South Carolina for their input. Both advised us to rethink our route or sit tight where we were. Friends suggested we move westward into Tennessee then take I-75 south. We cringed at the idea. No one in their right mind would willingly take I-75 south through Atlanta at this time of year, yet here we are and we count ourselves lucky to be here. I called several campgrounds before finding one that had an opening for the time frame we were looking at. After all it is Autumn in The Smokies.


One of the best things about passing through this part of Tennessee is Don’s aunt Bev.  She’s one of our favorite people. We spent our first day in Sevierville visiting with Bev and Jim, and Don’s cousin Tracie and her granddaughter. It was good catching up.


Don and I with auntie Bev

Having vacationed here many times we chose not to do any sightseeing this time through. Other than breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants, we’ve been soaking up the sunshine and warmth at  Ripplin’ Waters Campground with they’re Florida-tight campsites, as Don calls them. It’s been a pleasant and restful 4 days. Tomorrow we make the push south.


Old Mill restaurant in Pigeon Forge

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…….

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One thought on “We Got Lucky

  1. Glad you found a safe to place to ride out the storm.

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