Movin’ On


The past ten days have been busy ones. Friends, Pat and Carol, are parked just down the lane from us. They’ve been hosting a rally for their Bounder MH travel club. They graciously extended an invite for us to join in their activities but not wanting to feel like “fifth wheels”, pun intended, we declined. However, we have stopped to chat for a couple of times during their evening campfires.


Shopping day at the local market.

On Sunday we pulled up stakes and headed over to Indiana Enterprise Interstate to spend the night in their parking lot. The Suitepea was first on their list for scheduled repair work on Monday. It didn’t take long to have our water pump and entry steps replaced, as well as a few other minor things tended to. By mid-afternoon we were back on our site at Shipshewana Campground. We did have one glitch in the moving process. The side mirrors on the truck wouldn’t extend. It’s not a deal breaker for towing but Don did have it looked at.


Beau celebrates his 1/2 year birthday with a bowl of Yup’s vanilla custard.

Tuesday found Don at the Ford service department where the tech said it was a minor fix. It just needed a new fuse. Before Don left Ford’s he tested the mirrors and they extended and retracted just fine. Later, on our way home from dinner, I suggested Don extend the mirrors again, you know, just to be sure, and nothing happened. The mirrors weren’t working again. Don called the service department and made another appointment for Wednesday, today.

Eby Ford had the truck in a service stall for 3 hours before finally determining that the motorized mirror was bad and needed to be replaced. The total for the mirror with installation would run $1700 and they did not have the part in stock but could have it sometime tomorrow. Don made the decision to get their determination in writing to take with us, then when we have the time and opportunity to deal with it, we would. He also had them physically extend the mirrors out until that time. So…..


our time in Indiana has come to an end. Tomorrow morning will find us with wheels on the ground, rolling in a south easterly direction. It feels good to be moving again. We’ve sat too long. Since April of 2015 we have found ourselves parked for months at a time in either Indiana, Michigan, or Alabama. Grant it there have been good reasons for it, the birth of grandchildren, repairs to the truck, RV, or both, and deaths in our families,  and yet, the urge to travel, hitch-itch, as we fulltimers call it, has been patiently waiting to surface anew. I can’t speak for Don but I for one am giddy with excitement. If everything goes as planned from tomorrow until next April, we will be visiting places and seeing sights we’ve never seen before. And that is the very reason we embarked on this lifestyle in the first place.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…….


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2 thoughts on “Movin’ On

  1. YEA! Safe travels…can’t wait to hear all about your travels.

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