Decision Made

After two 8 hour drives into the early morning hours I made an executive decision. We packed up the Suite Pea and moved to a halfway point between my father’s northern Michigan home, and our youngest daughter’s southern Indiana one. This way if I’m needed at either location, I can make the drive in a relatively short period of time. Even though it’s nice to be needed, I’m truly hoping that won’t be the case. As it is, we had intended to land here at the end of August anyhow, it being the RV Capitol of the USA and us being in need of repairs. As an added bonus, it’s one of our favorite destinations to visit (& to eat).


Fill ‘er up please

As some of our blog followers are aware of, our water pump malfunctioned while we were in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula last month. Don scheduled an appointment to have it repaired along with our water cabinet seals getting replaced. (They’re becoming harder and harder to open and close). Then, while I was in Indiana last week our entry steps broke. That’s three things, right? And the saying is, these things come in threes, so I thought, okay, we can deal with that. WRONG! Today, a 90 degree day with more to follow, our AC quit.


I asked in the park office if they could recommend an RV tech in the area. They did indeed, in fact they highly recommended we talk to Al of Tri-Star Mobile RV Service and gave me one of his cards. Don called immediately and left a message with his office. Al was out on another job at the time but did give us a call back to say he would come by when he was finished. From Don’s description of what happened with our AC, Al said it sounded like the cable was bad. True to his word, he arrived later in the afternoon and had us up and running again within 15 minutes. I must mention that unlike technicians we’ve used in the past, Al only charged us for the 15 minutes he worked and not for a full hour. Can’t beat that kind of service and yes, it was the cable.


Beau in the morning light

Now I’m going to back track a little. When our water pump went out in July, Don contacted Interstate to get us an appointment after which I called Grandview Bend Campground in Howe to make a reservation. We have stayed there many times in the past. I requested site #1 and was told it was available during our time frame. My reason for requesting this specific site was because it is an end site and therefore no one would be on our door side giving Beau an open area to run and train, it also has one of the few 50 amp hookups.  (Grandview Bend consist mainly of seasonal sites with only one row for short term campers, most of which are 30 amp sites. Sites are tight with little more than the width of a picnic table between them). Not exactly our cup of tea but the location and price is right.

I called again 5 days before our intended arrival and was once more assured that we would be on our requested site. Satisfied, Monday we pulled out of Kalkaska and made the trip south to Howe, Indiana. Imagine our surprise upon our arrival at Grandview Bend to find another RV in our reserved site! I immediately contacted the manager to find out what was up. She informed me that she took the liberty of moving us to another site because the motorhome that was parked on it wanted more room for his tow vehicle. Now had we planned on staying for only a few days to a week, it would have been fine for us BUT NOT for a whole month and a half in a cramped campsite!

I reminded the manager of our prior two conversations, that we were returning guests, and at the very least she should have called me first since she had our number. At which point her husband jumped in and let us know in no uncertain terms that we were just plain lucky to even have a campsite. What!!! Do reservations not mean anything??? Did I mention this park is under new management? Well it is and unfortunately their management skills are not as courteous as those of the previous manager’s. After some discussion with Don we decided to pay for one night so we could unhook then take off in the truck on a scouting trip for another campground in the area.

We were in luck. We scored the last site available at Shipshewana RV Park South, and another stroke of luck, it was open for the entire time of our stay. I checked us in then we returned to Grandview to get Suite Pea and bring her to South. At check-in we learned that we were the fourth RV to leave Grandview Bend within the past couple of days on account of the treatment they’d received. It goes without saying, we will never return to Grandview Bend.


Amish homesteads abut the campground on 3 sides. Our view on the left…..


to our right…..


and our view to the rear.

Thus begins our stay in Shipshewana. We’re looking forward to meet ups with old friends, making new ones, and having our repairs behind us.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…….


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8 thoughts on “Decision Made

  1. Gayle, how disappointing to arrive and find your spot gone!! Maybe they will get the hint if they loose enough business. Glad you went to Shipshe. South! We loved it there not the price tho! We have a sided x side buggy that they were kind enough to keep for us when we left for the week in Decatur!!
    Beau is such beautiful dog!! Love that picture of him!! So glad his car sickness is over!! We had a dog once that never got over it!! It was horrible as we lived in the mountains and the drive down the hill was a bad experience for her! We gave her to friends that lived in the valley, no more hills for her!!

    • Hi Sue, We like Shipshe South Cg. too. We’ve stayed here several times & actually prefer it to Grandview Bend, we just felt we’d save some money at GB plus it was closer to the repair shop but we did get a pretty decent rate at South because of the length of our stay. They are nice folks here. One of our Strongback chairs broke today so Don asked at the office if we could have a new one shipped here. They told him “sure, no problem.” As for Beau, don’t let that pretty face fool you, he is a little stinker with a mischievous personality. We’re thankful he outgrew his motion sickness too. Can you imagine if he hadn’t & us being full time RVers? I can’t imagine how difficult it must’ve been for you to give up a dog you cared for because of his motion sickness. I’m grateful we weren’t put in that position. Are you & Guy still rambling around the U.P.?

  2. We have had the same thing happen two times…
    I would say it was your lucky day to find another spot elsewhere and it looks really pretty! Hope the repairs go well.

    • I imagine it happens quite often but I’d like to think it’s by accident & not intentional. I agree we were very fortunate, even though there are many campgrounds in this area, it’s a popular spot to visit & we also have the Labor Day weekend thrown in there as well. It does have its trade offs, even though we’re paying more than twice the rate, we have a FHU site, great dog run areas, & walking distance to town.

  3. Yes we did drive Brockway Mountain, in fact all of the roadways from Copper Harbor to Calumet. The scenery was amazing. We did not remember to stop in Eagle Harbor to check out the Jam Pot and I remember reading about that. Our favorite spot on the entire drive was maybe even part of Brockway Mountain – but a very high point with forests to the east and Superior to the west . It was a high point in the middle and the winds there were just amazing. There was a family with some little girls. They could hardly stand up and their hair was blowing straight out behind them. They were having a great time and I was giggling right along with them. It was just gorgeous everywhere we went.

    Unfortunately Cooper’s closed back in the 80’s. The Hornet’s Nest has opened in it’s place and their food is good, but the mo-burger is a thing of the past. They have really good ice cream though.

    Have you traveled in Kansas before? Many people pass it by because they think it’s flat and boring but it’s really such a beautiful state. We took our 2 granddaughters to Colorado the end of May and on the way back I booked a spot at a state park near Scott City. Out in the middle of the flat plains was this gorgeous little park with a spring fed lake, surrounded by these big old rocky hills that seemed to just rise up out of the ground. I had never heard of it before so was very surprised and quite pleased with our find. Of course every state has it’s beauty in one way or another.

    • That’s a disappointment, Cooper’s being closed. Guess we’ll just have to feast at the numerous Kansas BBQ joints the state has to offer. Yes we have visited Kansas before. Our youngest daughter played travel softball for 10 years & we saw much of America that way. I believe it’s what gave me the travel bug. I agree every state has its own diverse beauty. I hope to visit Kansas again as there are still places I’d like see but haven’t yet. Sounds as if you have wonderful memories of Keweenaw Peninsula. It does have rugged beauty but trust me when I say, it’s no place to be come winter.

  4. I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed your time spent in northern Michigan. I so love my birth state & do like sharing it with others. Copper Harbor rates high on my list too. I do hope you took the Brockway Mountain drive while there & made a stop at the Jam Pot between Copper Harbor & Eagle Harbor. The monks are noted for their Thimbleberry jam. Do you know if Cooper’s is still in business? I keep an Excel file on each state where I list interesting things to see & do, places to eat, & campgrounds that have been recommended to us. I’d like to try Cooper’s, sounds like my kind of place.

  5. How frustrating to make a reservation, confirm it and then have it given to someone else. I’m glad you were able to find a place that will suit your needs for the same time-frame.

    Just a note also to thank you for your post on Upper Michigan….we loved Tahquamenon Falls, Whitefish Point and Clyde’s. Clyde’s was great and reminds me of a drive-in we had in my old hometown of Chetopa, KS, Cooper’s. Their burger that was similar to the Colassal, was called the mo-burger. It brought back some good memories. We spent 3 days in St. Ignace. We had been to Mackinaw Island before but this time we biked the 8 miles around. Except for the crowds we could not have picked a more beautiful day. Wonderful breezesummer the entire ride.
    We spent 3 days in Copper Harbor prior to that which is now #2 on my favorite places we’ve visited, beat out only by Maine (especially the Bar Harbor area).

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