Too Soon Good-Bye



Sadly, our time in Trout Lake is too quickly coming to an end. We have greatly enjoyed our two relaxing weeks by the water.

The heat on Friday was unusual for U.P. weather, topping out at 89 degrees. It made for a lazy day. While Don fished, I sat under the shade of the white birch trees reading and dozing off and on. With only a 30 amp hookup we can’t run our AC units. I suppose we could run just the one in the front and close off the bedroom area but why bother when our outside setting is so inviting. In the evening, Don and I drove to the cabins where the family is staying. It was too hot for a campfire so we visited on the porch until the mosquitoes forced us inside.


Saturday morning saw the Iowa portion of family head back home leaving only the Michigan portion and us behind for one last night together. Don rose early, very early, around 3 am to do a little walleye trolling before I got up at 6. We made plans to drive the Whitefish Bay Scenic Byway then stop for a whitefish dinner at Brown Fisheries Fish House in Paradise. The restaurant is well known for its whitefish.


The byway follows alongside the Lake Superior coastline but unless you pull off to visit the points of interests along the way, you won’t see the lake for the trees. We did stop to view a couple. The overlook was nice but I think it would be spectacular in Autumn when the trees are dressed in their Fall finery.

Lake Superior overlook along the Whitefish Bay Scenic Byway

Lake Superior overlook along the Whitefish Bay Scenic Byway

We also came upon a beautiful secluded beach that could rival any ocean beach. The shore was sandy, not agate strewn like much of Superior’s coast. There was a group of people picnicking on the sand with a small campfire going. Best of all it was dog friendly.

Where the water meets the sky-almost indistinguishable

Where the water meets the sky-almost indistinguishable


Another place of interest is the Iroquois Point Lighthouse. It’s open for tours and it’s free. Since we had Beau with us we chose to just stroll the boardwalk that looped around the light and abutted the shore. We let Beau test the water which he seemed to like until a rogue wave smacked him in the face.



That evening we hosted one last campfire with family. Only Karla and Larry joined us as the other four family members were still pounding the lake vying for that one elusive big fish that would take them home with this year’s trophy.

With family gone and rain in the forecast, Sunday was a good day to get laundry done and pick up groceries for the week.


                                                                Wonder what Don did this time? 

We awoke to a cerulean blue sky. I treated Don to breakfast on the porch of the Bay View Inn in Epoufette. He had their most popular breakfast of whitefish, American fries and eggs. I ordered a short stack of fresh Michigan blueberry pancakes. Glad I had a half order as my two cakes came platter sized. Neither of us had a need for lunch that day. Instead we drove up to the Lake Huron towns of Hessel and Cedarville to explore. In Cedarville we discovered two RV parks that we liked. Both are on the water with waterside sites. I made note of them in both our Michigan Counties atlas and on my Excel file for future reference.

hessel576 (1)

Just the three of us around the fire Monday night as we listened to the Tiger ballgame on the Don’s MLB iPhone app. I commented as to how that brought back memories of hiding the transistor radio under my pillow at bedtime just to listen to the game, until sleep carried me away.

Tuesday morning Don was on the Pine River by 8 am. He hooked into a dozen walleye but not a one was keeper sized. A DNR officer he spoke to said he needed to be on the river by 6 in order to catch the big ones. Don didn’t feel the time was wasted though as he picked up a few river fishing tips from the locals.


The Pine River

Most of the campers have left, it’s just us and another couple two sites over on our side of the campground. It’s so peaceful when the train isn’t passing through. This is a rough life we live.


Mouth of the Tahquamenon River


Today is our last full day in our perfect little campsite. We’d love to stay a while longer but other campers have reserved our spot. So Don is cleaning and packing up his inflatable boat while I catch up on our posts. Tomorrow we return to The Property. We won’t be staying there as long as we originally intended though. In two to three weeks we will make our way south to have our water pump repaired or replaced. It’ll give us the opportunity to have the valve seals in our water cabinet replaced as well. The gray valve takes more strength than I have to open or close it and Don is even finding it very difficult now. No amount of lubrication has had an affect.

Until next time, here’s lookin’ at you kid……IMG_1852


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2 thoughts on “Too Soon Good-Bye

  1. Wha an awesome get away. Someday I would love to visit that area…it sure looks pretty. Beau is so cute. Keep those pictures coming!

    • Michigan’s upper peninsula is beautiful & my photos don’t do it justice. As for Beau, can’t believe he’s already 40 lbs. at only 4 months of age. I think he’s going to be a BIG boy.

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