As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve been lacking the motivation to write any new posts. As a matter of fact, I’ve been lacking the motivation to do much of anything. I’m pretty certain my inertia is in part due to the periodic moments of grief I feel when something triggers a memory of Tucker and if I’m being honest, having to cancel our travel plans for this summer and fall has left me a tad disappointed too. Especially since I was so looking forward to getting back on the road again after having sat so long this past fall and winter. How do I continue to write about all the daily ennui without boring myself and my readers to tears? I am finding it difficult to do.


Our training of Beau continues. He retains the majority of our time and effort. I do believe we’ve turned the corner on our housebreaking since we’ve had no “accidents” for several days now. Beau also seems to have the commands sit, down, and stay down pat, however his command to come still needs work. Everything is a distraction for him, a stick, a butterfly, his own reflection….. His leash training is still a work in progress as well.


We’ve also added swimming lessons and short rides in the truck to his regime. The verdict is still out on whether he will be a water baby or not. Some days he goes into the water with no hesitation at all, other days he doesn’t want anything to do with it except roll in the sand. We get the biggest kick out of him when he chases after the minnows, trying to get one in his mouth. The rides are to aid Beau’s motion sickness. We hope this is due to his inner ear not being fully developed. If this is the case, as he grows this should correct itself. This issue along with Beau’s inability to hold his bladder for long periods is why we haven’t gone on any outings. Although we did manage to get together with friends visiting in the area.

Last Saturday we met friends from our old life in Indiana.  Kevin and Bryan were up for a fishing trip on Leelanau. We met them halfway in Traverse City for lunch at Don’s Drive-in. I suggested the old 1950’s style diner for its popular cherry shakes. It was good to catch up with our old Eucher buddies, I only wish their wives would’ve come up too. I would have liked seeing Sandy and Pam again.


Kevin, Bryan, Don & I at Don’s Drive-In

Then on Friday we got a call from Tom and Jean, friends we made shortly after we began this lifestyle. They are camped in Traverse City but we’re playing golf at a local Kalkaska course. We met for “linner” (late lunch, early dinner) afterwards. I believe we spent more time talking than eating. We really enjoy their company and have made plans to meet up again this Fall when we leave The Property.


Jean & Tom Moore with Don & I

Also in the interim since my last post, we celebrated my father’s 81st birthday by taking him out to a favorite restaurant of his, Pearl’s New Orleans Kitchen in Elk Rapids, where the food is always delicious and, Don had a gig playing at the local Chapter of Eagles. He was such a hit that he’s been asked to play for their 4th of  July bash and their customer appreciation party in August.


Pearl’s New Orleans Kitchen has a Mardi Gras decor


Don at the Kalkaska Eagles aerie

This pretty much wraps things up. Come Tuesday I will be meeting our oldest daughter halfway to get two of our grandchildren for a visit. They should liven things up around here a bit. Here’s lookin’ at you kid…..


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8 thoughts on “Inertia

  1. Beau is growing like a weed. I’m banking on him loving the water! You are all very blessed to have each other.

    The grandkids will certainly liven up things…take lots of pictures!

  2. Maria Sari McFarland

    Love your postings Gayle!!

  3. I always enjoy seeing your posts show up in my inbox. I’ve been following you for a couple of years. I’ve thought of you several times after your post about losing Tucker and apologize for not commenting then about your loss. I hope you enjoy your time with the grandkids. I’m sure they and Beau will enjoy their visit.

    • Thank you for your kind words & you are right, Beau will love seeing the kids when they arrive. He is drawn to all the little ones when at the beach. Ours are looking forward to meeting him too for the first time.

  4. Love to hear from you, Gayle. A couple of my good friends are staying at Torch Lake this week, does Don have another gig coming up?

    • Thank you Barb. I enjoy following yours & Tom’s travels too as you well know. I will text you info on Don’s upcoming gig soon as I have it. Keep those posts coming, I’m making notes for future travels.

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