Ma & dad last time we saw them.

There’s a saying among full time Rvers, that our plans are written in Jello. Just give ’em a shake and they’re subject to change and so it has been for us. Our intention was to leave Alabama stopping in Indiana to visit family then continue north through Wisconsin to a family reunion in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this summer. We have four places in Wisconsin that we really wanted to visit on our way up and had made reservations to do so well in advance since they are popular tourists destinations. Then life happened.

Don’s mother passed away in January. She was younger in age than my own parents, all of which are still living, my mother, my father and my stepmother. This set my emotions in to play. Don’s too for that matter. No, my parents aren’t getting any younger and although I do see my mom at least twice a year because she lives in the same Indiana town as my daughters, I don’t see my dad and stepma as often. We discussed scraping our plans to head north via Wisconsin, instead choosing a route through Michigan, stopping for a good long visit with my parents. I called my father, not to tell him of our change of plans but simply to chit chat as is my weekly habit to do. In the course of our conversation he tells me that ma hasn’t been feeling well. He’d taken her to the doctor’s earlier in the week where some tests were run, then sent home with an antibiotic. The antibiotic had been in her system for 3 days but ma was feeling worse than when she had started. He mentioned that her white cell count was up and she was wracked with pain throughout her entire body. That info immediately set off an alarm in my brain.I asked dad when ma was seeing her doctor again. Tomorrow he replied. I asked if he would please call me afterwards, with a promise to do so, we finished our conversation and hung up.

The following day my father called. I could tell right away from his voice that he was shook. He told me ma had just been admitted to Munson Hospital where she would be undergoing more tests, however the hospital staff had confirmed, ma has leukemia.

I typed the previous 3 paragraphs yesterday before having spoken to my father again last evening. In the progression of half a day our plans have again been shaken. My stepmom is being released from the hospital today into Hospice care. Ma’s doctors conferred with her yesterday afternoon about her condition and prognosis. Because of her heart condition, coupled with the leukemia, heart disease, a severe throat infection, mom’s age and weakened condition she agreed with her physicians to just let the disease run its course while being made as comfortable as possible in her own home.

I feel an urgency to head north but because of other unforeseeable circumstances we are sitting on hold. Our truck once again is in for repairs. It started last week with the 4W drive going out along with an EVG emissions valve biting the dust. Don immediately got the truck in at the local Ford Service Department where the valve issue was repaired satisfactorily but the 4W drive has continued to perplex even the Ford technicians. This is the second consecutive day of it being in the shop and us having no transportation at all as Foley Ford has no lender vehicles. You know, if we were the type of people who didn’t have routine maintenance done on their vehicle as it is required, then I could understand the constant need for repairs, but we aren’t that type. We’ve always maintained our vehicles as suggested in the owners manuals and ALWAYS at the service departments of their make. This vehicle’s problems started just 2 short weeks after picking it up at the dealership where it was purchased brand spanking new, and for a 2008 truck, it’s mileage is considered to be low, under 85,000.So why all the problems?  It is frustrating beyond belief!

So this is where we are at. I was never a big fan of Jello anyway.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid………………IMG_0248

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2 thoughts on “THE JELLO’S BEEN SHAKEN

  1. Thank you Gay. That is the best we can hope for is mom dying at home surrounded by those that love her. We are in transit now, headed to northern Michigan. Unfortunately will have to return to pick up the rig as our truck is still in the repair shop. Thank you for the prayers, they are the means of getting us through all of this.

  2. So sorry to read about your Stepmom. My grandfather also had leukemia and after several bone marrow injections, he died peacefully at home. Our prayers are with you.

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