Dodging Raindrops



Patterns in the sand caused by wind and surf.

I guess I really shouldn’t complain considering the weather conditions in other parts of the country but, we seem to be getting an awful lot of rain here on Alabama’s Gulf coast. Along with all of the wet stuff some areas in LA ( Lower Alabama) have had hail, tornadoes, high winds and flooding. About three days a week our weather alert app has been getting a workout. We’ve even been without power a couple of times.

So what are we doing when half the days of the week are rainy? We make the most of the “good” days. We’ve gone for drives along the coast. We’ve walked the lanes and trails near the park. We’ve sat outside soaking up the sun reading, or in Don’s case, practicing his strumming. We’ve even gotten around to visiting a few places that have been on our radar for awhile.



On one recent sunny day I enticed Don into going for a drive by appealing to his stomach with an offer to treat for brunch at the Roadkill Cafe. We’d heard about this diner during our first visit to Rainbow Plantation but just never found the time to drive over to Elberta to try it plus the hours they are open is ridiculously short, two hours a day, six days a week. Makes you wonder how they stay in business but they do, the place is always packed. The menu listed on the web is what truly peaked our interest-but it is deceiving. Once we were seated we fully expected to have that very same fun and interesting menu placed in our hands. Boy were we surprised! Instead we found an all you can eat Southern-style, home cooked buffet for just $10 per person. Drink, salads, soups, meats, sides, and dessert all included. We felt a tad deflated learning the menu was a ruse but in all fairness I must say the food was delicious, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, and the service was superior. Yes, we would dine here again.

Another outing took us to a local pecan farm. Pecan farms are numerous in this area and I’ve often wondered as we drove past just how are the nuts harvested. Some of the smaller family orchards are still done the old fashioned way with folks using ladders and buckets,  picking them by hand off the tree and ground below. However the larger commercial farms use heavy duty equipment to harvest the nuts more efficiently. I thought a local was pulling my leg when he told me they shake the tree to loosen the pecans. I’d seen the huge sturdy pecan trees up close and I wasn’t buying it. HAH did I ever get a rude awakening. Here’s a video depicting the harvesting.


Pecan Orchard


I should mention that pecans are typically harvested beginning about mid October through the end of November so we didn’t actually witness it this visit but it was interesting to learn how it is done. We made a pass-thru of the farm market too and picked up a few pecan goodies for ourselves and to share later.

As for the rainy days, we’ve tried to make use of them as well. Don sold his previous sound system and purchased a better set-up with more clarity and oomph. He’s been watching videos and/or talking to the company that made it to learn how to use the different features. While his music and new equipment has been keeping him busy I’ve done a little purging inside the Suite Pea and am also trying to organize my by state Excel file so I can find what I’m looking for more readily when I’m researching an area we wish to visit.



One late afternoon the weatherman  warned  of 7-9 foot high rollers on the gulf. Having never seen anything like that before the three of us jumped into the truck headed for the beach. Although we didn’t see any waves of that magnitude, perhaps he was referring to Mobile Bay, what we did witness looked pretty treacherous indeed. The wind was blowing so strongly we saw two big husky men being dragged down the beach via their kites. They took a few tumbles but the kites stayed aloft. As the sky began to darken we pointed ourselves homeward to the welcoming warmth of our Suite Pea.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…….IMG_0446


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4 thoughts on “Dodging Raindrops

  1. And neither has Tucson…it’s very dry here with a fire warning everyday. Oh how I love the ocean pictures! Being from Georgia, we actually had pecan trees in our yard…guess whose job it was to pick them up? My mama’s pecan has always been my favorite pie so it was worth it!

    • Alabama does seem to share the same crops as Georgia. Not only do we have the pecans but cotton, peanuts & peaches are grown here in abundance as well. I know where you’re coming from on having to pick up the fallen nuts , as a child we didn’t have pecan trees in our yard but we did have apple & cherry trees that needed tending. It was me that baked the pies though as my mother’s pie crusts left much to be desired. HAH Good thing my granny taught me how. Be vigilant out there, a fire could be devastating & hard to control.

  2. Southern Arizona is loaded with Pecan orchards and it is interesting to see how they are harvested. Phoenix has received zero rain since January. So we could use a little of that moisture you’re getting to knock down the dust around here.

    • I’d be happy to send some your way Ingrid.. We have rain in the forecast again, 6 out of the next 9 days in fact. The only good thing is it’s keeping the pollen from the pine trees down. Enjoy your sunshine.

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