Life Does Have It’s Ups & Downs


Since Tucker’s surgery 3 weeks ago we’ve pretty much stayed close to our little home on wheels. We didn’t want to leave him alone long enough to get into mischief, read that as jumping up and down on the bed or chewing off his bandage, until he had his stitches removed. Well on Tuesday the vet deemed his paw to be healed well enough to do just that. We also received Tucker’s biopsy report.


The good news is that the removed tumor was benign. We are so relived by this news since we had lost our beloved Maggie to cancer prior to our bringing Tucker into our home and hearts. The bad news is that the vet was unable to make a clean cut removing the growth because of the way it penetrated the pad. This means that the growth could return in the future. Rather than having Tucker undergo more surgery, we’ve decided to take a wait and see stance and hope for the best.

Anyway, all of this laying low was fine with us as we always find something to do at camp. I was finally able to schedule a long overdue carpet cleaning and Don washed and waxed the Suite Pea. We also had the refrigerator’s ice maker quit working  and ended up having to replace it. It wasn’t all work and no fun though. On Wednesday I received a surprise phone call from my cousin Larry. He had been meandering southward towards Haines City, Florida from his home in Michigan for the past week or so. He was in New Orleans at the time of his call and knowing that he’d be passing through here to his destination he plan to stop by.  So Friday found us with family visiting.


After catching up on family news,  Don and I took Larry for a tour of Gulf Shores and  Orange Beach then stopped at DeSoto’s for dinner. Larry stayed the night but left after breakfast headed for Pensacola.

I would love to end this post on an up note but much to my chagrin my anxiety issue is once again rearing its ugly head and it’s taking me much effort to keep from withdrawing socially. I’m trying to keep positive as I cope with panic attacks yet again but it is difficult. I keep reminding myself that setbacks have occurred before and I worked through them. I must do so again. I will do so again.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…….

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2 thoughts on “Life Does Have It’s Ups & Downs

  1. Ups and downs and even some sideways sometimes…keep the faith, this too shall pass!
    Glad Tucker is all better.

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