The Pain Continues


Whoever said that trouble comes in threes has no idea what they’re talking about.

Our week in Shipshewana was uneventful. We spent our time enjoying the pastoral countryside, eating at our favorite eateries and bakeries, and testing out our new TV traveler system. Everything was hunky dory until we got on the road headed back to our Bloomington campsite.

IMG_9845  IMG_4373

Rolling down SR 37 Don realized the trailer brake wasn’t working when he had to brake hard for a changing traffic light. Pulling in to an empty parking lot, he proceeded to test the braking mechanism several times. The switch inside the truck read that all was functioning well but clearly it was not. Don decided to continue onward toward camp and once we were setup again, he would make a call to Stinnett RV to schedule a repair. It would be on our way as we headed south toward Nashville, TN in another week.

Alas, that was not to be. Stinnett stated they couldn’t get to us for another three weeks but they did give Don numbers to two traveling RV technicians that they highly recommended. Don called one guy only to find he was on vacation in Colorado, the other tech was recuperating from recent back surgery. Strike Three!

Don remembered there was an RV dealership in Edinburgh off I-65 that wouldn’t be too far out of our way IF they also had a service shop. They did BUT it would be eight weeks before they could get us repaired. That left Camping World in Greenwood, with poor service reviews, or Walnut Ridge, way east of Indianapolis and a good hour and a half drive out of our way. Walnut Ridge is where we bought our Suite Pea in the first place and we knew they had a reputable service department. Don placed the call. We were in luck. No only did they remember us, but knowing that we were now fulltime RVers, they offered to fit us in. We could bring the rig in Monday.

Early foggy morning commute

Early foggy morning commute

Lots of construction along the way

Lots of construction along the way


We were on the road by 6 am driving 113 miles through the morning fog, construction, and rush hour traffic. We made better time than we expected, arriving before the service department was open. We didn’t have to wait long though. Don got us checked in and right away Brian started checking out our brake controller and the lines. It didn’t take him long to find the problem. The line going to the front driver side wheel was longer than it should’ve been, causing it to rub against the wheel, eventually being cut due to the friction. All of the brake fluid had leaked out. An easy fix. Right?

Suite Pea awaiting repairs

Suite Pea awaiting repairs

It might have been had Walnut Ridge had another brake line they could use. Which wasn’t the case. After making a few calls to shops around town, a brake line was found. Brian went to pick it up. Good news…we had the line. Bad news…the shop didn’t have the fittings we needed. To make a long story short, Brian was able to locate the proper fittings but it would be an hour’s drive to pick them up and another hour back. The trailer wouldn’t be repaired before closing. Instead of staying the night in the parking lot of the service department, having the repair done on Tuesday then making our way toward Nashville afterwards, we opted to leave Suite Pea behind and drive back to the Bloomington area to spend the night at my mother’s as we hadn’t said our goodbyes to our daughters and grandchildren yet.

That proved to be a good decision on our part as Suite Pea wasn’t ready for pick-up until Wednesday morning. Total cost which included replacing a bracket under the rig that was found broken during the brake inspection, and recaulking a storage compartment door, was $543. Just what we needed. Another hit to our pocketbook.

Tucker wearing the Cone of Shame

Tucker wearing the Cone of Shame

We also had another unexpected expenditure arise during the time between our returning from Shipshewana until our trip to Walnut Ridge. Our little Golden boy had surgery. Tucker needed removal of an age wart from the top of his head. He has continually aggravated it to the point of bleeding. We were afraid it would become infected or worse, become cancerous. The vet removed three smaller warts and a fluid sac from his jaw as well. He looks like he was on the losing end of a nasty dog fight but the vet assured us that within a couple of weeks, our boy would be as good as new.

IMG_8540  IMG_8537


We arrived at Walnut Ridge just after opening, hitched up our Suite Pea and was on the Interstate by 10 am. Destination? Nashville, Tennessee, our first stop as we make our way southward toward our Winter hole up.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……….

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8 thoughts on “The Pain Continues

  1. Hope you made it to Nashville and enjoying a good time there. That’s where I’m from. ha! Glad you got the brakes all fixed and hope the doggie is feeling better. Be safe out there. Here is my blog if you want to visit. I’m a daily blogger, love to travel but don’t get to as often since we work FT but it’s a dream to get to do what you all are doing.

    • Thank you for taking the time to check out our travel blog and especially for leaving a comment. We always enjoy our visits to Nashville and pass through town often. I did check out your blog as well. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and left a comment as well. I’ll be sure to check in again.

  2. Anonymous

    Poor Tucker, he does look like he lost a major battle !!! But he’ll heal and you’ll never know they were there.

    • As Time Goes Bye

      I do believe Tucker is milking this attention and sympathy for all it’s worth.

  3. Good golly! You have certainly had your share of trials and expenses. Happy to read you are headed south to warm, sunny beach time. You certainly need some R & R time!

    Poor Tucker…hope he is healing and happy! He is such a great pup! His sweet face always makes me smile!

    • You know that beach time is exactly what we’re thinking right now too. Ocean waves, white sand & sunny skies can soothe anything that ails you. Tucker is much improved. We’ve removed the Cone of Shame but need to keep a vigilant eye on him lest he break open the stitches from scratching.

  4. Poor Tucker does indeed look beat up. I’m sure in a few weeks he’ll be back to his handsome self. Safe travels.

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