Rain, Rain, Go Away

The wet season is still going strong here in southern Indiana, even so, it hasn’t kept us down. We’ve continued to keep busy while dodging rain drops. 

Monday and Tuesday we tackled our weekly chores. Although we’re living the life of Riley, we still need to grocery shop and wear clean clothes. That done, I also gave the Suite Pea a light cleaning. Don got lucky this time, he didn’t have to do the vacuuming on account of his surgery last week.


Who's on second?

Who’s on second?

Our youngest grandson Ian had a ballgame on Wednesday after school. Wednesday also happened to be his big sister Maddy’s 14th birthday. Daughter Kristi knew most of the family would turn out to cheer Ian on and took that opportunity to invite everyone back to the house afterwards for cake and ice cream. Once there, family friends showed up and Maddy had a big birthday bash surrounded by people that love her. What better way to celebrate.


IMG_7990  IMG_7997

Thursday found Don left to his own devices while I finally made the hour and a half drive north to see my gynecologist. This being my third attempt to do so. Each appointment I had previously made ended up being rescheduled due to somebody being admitted into the hospital. But as the saying goes, third time’s the charm. The good news is that my mammogram came back fine. WooHoo!

wave flowers

Since I was back in my old stomping ground I knew just the place to go to purchase a beautiful hanging  basket of flowers. I knew Don would like one. He does miss the flowering gardens we once had around the old homestead. That mission accomplished, I treated myself to a scoop of Dirty Sand Dollar at Pinocchio’s. Mmm Mmm, a taste of Sanibel F-L-A right here in Indiana. In total, I was gone almost 6 hours. Back at the rig Don kept busy picking on his guitar.

Friday we just hung out at the campground and observed all the weekend warriors pulling in and setting up their camps. It can be a form of entertainment you know, especially if they’re rookies.



On Saturday morning we drove downtown to the Bloomington Farmers Market. We like to get our produce locally whenever we can. We frequent farm markets where ever we find them. More often than not they’re just a few tables set up under an awning or two but sometimes we stumble upon an exceptional one and that’s just what Bloomington’s is…..exceptional. Open every Saturday from mid April until the end of October, this area is always bustling. Along with locally grown produce and heirloom flowers, one can find honey, syrup, soaps, bbq sauce and Amish cheeses, also made locally. There are ranchers that sell grain fed beef, free range chicken, lamb and goat and fresh eggs and any number of bakers hawking fresh cookies, muffins, breads and more. A wide variety of coffees and teas can be found along with fresh squeezed lemonade. We’ve purchased hand blown glass tree ornaments, candles and handmade jewelry here in the past. And over all this bounty the aroma of fresh popped kettle corn permeates the air.


IMG_8008  IMG_8010

IMG_8015  IMG_8016


As if this array wasn’t enough to entice visitors, each Saturday something new is in the mix. This week the local department on aging did health screenings and talks on healthy eating, exercising and on services they  offered. There was a bucket band performance and even the animal shelter came with pets for adoption. All this and so much more.

The Bucket Band

The Bucket Band

Other musicians are scattered throughout the market place. They come on their own to play & hopefully depart with a few extra dollars in their pockets.

Other musicians are scattered throughout the market place. They come on their own to play & hopefully depart with a few extra dollars in their pockets.

We made one complete pass-thru first before making any purchases. Then after our second go round and our market bag full with our purchases, we each selected a strawberry scone and located a seat where we could enjoy our treat and people watch. This is a perfect venue for people watching.

Several biking/walking trails converge here. Pretty nifty of the city to offer tire pumping stations along the way.

Several biking/walking trails converge here. Pretty nifty of the city to offer tire pumping stations along the way.

We departed just in the knick of time. No sooner did we get back to the truck then the heavens opened up. It poured so heavily that it made visibility difficult even with the wipers set on high.

We spent the remainder of the day inside as it continued to rain throughout the day. That evening thunderstorms rolled through with lightening and high wind gusts. We lost power twice.  Good thing we have battery powered lights too.

On a good note, Don had his stitches removed and is doing well on his low fat diet. He still has a weight lifting restriction but other than that he can continue his regular activities.

Rain is still in the forecast for the next couple of days. I hope your portion of the U.S. is faring better weatherwise.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…….

Don with our grandpuppy Lily Belle. She's a sweetie.

Don with our grandpuppy Lily Belle. She’s a sweetie.

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4 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. I love farmers markets too…could moosy around them for hours! And yes, people watching is one of my favorite past times too!
    Great health reports…
    Lily Belle is a cutie!

    • We think so too Gay. We had the pleasure of her company for an overnight Thursday while her family was out of town. Thank goodness she’s such a well behaved “little” lady, between Don, Tucker, Lily & I, is was a tad cozy in the old Suite Pea, especially at bedtime.

  2. According to TWC most of the U.S. is dealing with wet weather. Some places more than others. I think I will count my blessings.

  3. Lovely family. We always enjoy returning to familiar territory. Congrats on good health to both of you. Now if only this rain would stop, we could all go out and enjoy life around camp 🙂

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