Sheesh! Enough Already!

I don’t know of anyone who likes going to the hospital whether as a patient or to visit a patient. It seems we’ve been doing just that lately.

It started with my father. As I had reported here previously, dad had messed up his medications inadvertently causing him a trip to the hospital. Although we did not leave to see him, we were sitting on go to make the trip north to Traverse City if need be, and we were in constant touch by phone.

This was almost immediately followed by our daughter entering the hospital to deliver her baby. Now this was a good visit to the hospital and one we didn’t mind making.

A week and a half later though our newborn granddaughter was back in the hospital. After being examined earlier in the day by her pediatrician, Kendra was sent to the pediatric floor. Kendra had a skin rash her pediatrician thought could be life threatening. Not wanting to take any chances she was admitted to be given antibiotics intravenously. It was a two day wait on test results and this had the entire family worried sick. Our prayers were answered when the tests all came back negative. Even in our relief we were still heartsick that our little one had to endure a spinal tap and an intravenous tube inserted into the base of her head.

Our granddaughters.

Our granddaughters.

Then, seven days later, Don was on his way to the emergency room. Sudden, severe radiating pain just below his rib cage caused him to double over. The pain continued to escalate to the point where he had difficulty breathing and was sweating profusely. We are lucky to have a hospital in close proximity to the RV park and I drove him there. He was admitted right away and tests were run to determine what was going on. I informed the emergency room nurse of Don’s ongoing problems of bloating, gas, and indigestion. These symptoms had been going on for the past 5-6 months. He had seen a PA in Cape Coral while we were in Florida. She had run a couple of tests but they had been inconclusive. With this information in hand, the doctor had his pancreas and gall bladder checked. Sure enough, it was his gall bladder.

IMG_7968  IMG_7971

Somebody is happy to see his daddy back home


Don was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon and although he is sore from the surgery, he is resting comfortably. He’ll be recuperating for the next couple of weeks and we will be making some minor changes to his diet. He should be good to roll after that. We are hoping this is the last any of us see of a hospital for a good long while.

On a different note, I wonder if any other blog readers are experiencing the same issue I am with some of the travel blogs out there. I have no problem bringing the posts up. The texts readily come up but the accompanying photography is hit and miss at best. Sometimes the photos appear, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes only a few of the accompanying photos appear. I’m wondering if the quantity of photos has anything to do with it or is it my Verizon signal’s not strong enough to download the blog in it’s entirety? Hmm.

We hope everyone is having a truly marvelous Memorial week-end, but please, pause for a moment to remember the true purpose behind this national holiday and give thanks to the men and women who serve.


Here’s lookin’ at you kid……

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6 thoughts on “Sheesh! Enough Already!

  1. Yikes…sorry to read about Don, but relieved all is ok.
    Early mornings work best for me to get a stronger Verizon signal also…I have never not gotten pictures, just sometimes not all of them. Aggravating!
    Love the baby picture…keep them coming!

    • Thanks Gay. Don is continuing to improve, it’s the diet changes that’ll be a struggle for him. The number of people hitting a tower must have be affecting the blogs. Yours is one I have difficulty getting all the photos to download which is unfortunate because you always have some of the best photography.

      • Diet changes are not easy. When Joe was diagnosed with cancer last Sept., it was also discovered he had gallstones, collapsed lung, and fluid around the heart. After two surgeries, chemo started. Having no appetite and horrible mouth ulcers for the duration of 6 treatments, our eating changed. We discovered Nutri-Bullet…and still enjoy 2 meals a day that we drink full of fresh greens, frozen or fresh fruits, plain yogurt, and almonds or walnuts. We feel like it’s healthy and it is very tasty! Hang in there!

        I am sorry, but not surprised to hear our blog is one you are having trouble with…I know I post way too many pictures!

        • I remember when Joe was going through all the health issues. It wasn’t all that long ago. Don & I are researching his diet options. We understand it will be trial & error for awhile as we see how different foods will affect him. What ever you do, don’t hold back on those photos! I rate them right up there with Al’s from The Bayfield Bunch & Nina’s from Wheeling It. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Sheesh is right. You have definitely had more than your fair share of hospital visits. Hope everyone is on the mends. I too have been having difficulty loading certain blogs. I thought it was location but we’ve moved a couple of times and I still have issue. Maybe it’s Verizon playing around with us 😉

    • Thank you Ingrid. You may be right, perhaps it is the Verizon signal. Like you, some blogs load just fine and some don’t. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re on blogspot, wordpress, or some other blog site. I wonder if it has to do with the quantity of people utilizing a single tower since I seem to have better luck early in the morning rather than later in the day. We’ll probably never know.

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