Welcome Little One

Welcome Kendra Marie

Welcome Kendra Marie

It’s been a very eventful & busy week and a half for our family.

On May 1st, we welcomed our newest grandchild into the world and into our hearts. Kendra Marie made her debut at a whopping 9 lbs. and 22″ long. I was allowed to witness Her birth along with Chris, the father, my oldest daughter Kristi and my oldest granddaughter, Maddy. Being able to witness the birth of a baby is always special and I’m grateful my daughter Bobbi let me be a part of it. Kendra’s birth however, did give me a scare, the cord was wrapped around her neck and her color wasn’t good. You see, I lost one child to this and nearly lost a second, but we are happy to report that our baby is healthy and thriving.

IMG_7834     IMG_2202

After a two day hospital stay, mom and baby were released to go home. Two days later, my dad and stepmom arrived from northern Michigan to see their newest great grandchild. Dad and ma arrived with their camper in tow and were able to get the site next to ours at the campground. This was very convenient for a big family get together.

Ian in front, L to R, dad, Jason, Dotty & Chris, Maddy, Maddy's boyfriend Cody & Brad in background

Sisters, Kristi & Bobbi-Leigh

Sisters, Kristi & Bobbi-Leigh

The following afternoon Don and I hosted a family cookout and campfire. Don grilled burgers, brats and hotdogs to accompany several salads that I had made earlier. Chips, garlic stuffed olives, bread and butter pickles, fresh cantaloupe and bakery cookies rounded out the feast.


These two little munchkins are smitten with their new cousin.

These two little munchkins are smitten with their new cousin.

IMG_0161     IMG_0172

Those that hadn’t already held Kendra during visits to the hospital now took the opportunity to do so. My stepmom presented Bobbi with a beautiful hand crocheted blanket tucked inside a hand crafted tote that she had made herself. Two nice keepsakes. Don and I also gave my father his birthday present even though he won’t be turning 80 until next month. We wanted to see him use it while he was visiting. His gift was a Strongback camp chair.

IMG_7890     IMG_7891

(Don and I have owned 3 of these chairs & swear they are the most comfortable camp chairs we’ve ever sat in. The back support is great! For anyone who may be interested, these chairs can onwly be purchased online and are well worth the cost. The website is


Do check them out.)


My parents didn’t stay long. At their ages, 80 & 85, RVing takes a lot out of them. They did announce that this trip was their siren song as they would be putting the travel trailer up for sale once they returned home to Kalkaska. As much as I hate to see that happen, I can also understand the reasoning behind it. I know the time will one day come when Don and I feel the same.

Hit that ball.....

Hit that ball…..

We’ve also been enjoying watching 5 year old Ian play T-ball. This is his first year being eligible and already we can see he’s a natural ballplayer just like his aunt Bobbi-Leigh. He sees and hits the ball well when pitched to so his coach doesn’t have him hit off the tee. Although clumsy at this age, his offense is pretty good too. He plays the whole field, leaving his position to go after the ball wherever it’s hit much to the chagrin of the other position players.


                             …and run, run, run!


On Mothers Day, we picked my mother up early in the morning to take her out for breakfast at her choice of restaurants. She picked Bob Evans. No surprise there. Ma thinks Bob Evans Rise & Shine breakfast is tops. Afterwards, we visited awhile longer with her then returned home to the Suite Pea. Don was antsy to open his new trolling motor that he’d had shipped to ma’s house. He had already picked up the inflatable boat from Kristi & Jason’s. Being back home and near his favorite fishing lake, he’s anxious to get on the water again.

Later that afternoon Kristi, Jason and our grandchildren came over to wish me a happy Mothers Day. Kristi surprised me with a couple of gag gifts, a magnet for the frig and Post-It notes. My post-it use is legendary in our family and has been the butt of many jokes.  It was once my main source of communication with Don, and our girls since I worked evenings. Once again, we all had a good laugh.


The evening before, my daughter Bobbi and her boyfriend Chris had Don and I over for a home cooked meal in celebration of the holiday. She wanted to show her father and I that she could indeed cook. This is another running joke in the family. Bobbi NEVER cooks, she doesn’t know her way around a kitchen, and get this, …….she’s a restaurant manager.


The highlight of my visit was being able to give Kendra her first bath. As you can see from Don’s photos, she didn’t find bath time to be a soothing experience.


Lake Monroe

Lake Monroe


Today after doing laundry, Don and I made a trip to the Monroe County Highway Commission office to pick up a county map. We then dropped off the laundry, picked up Tucker, and set out to explore all the back roads around Lake Monroe checking out boat ramps as we went. The lake is still 8.5 feet above flood stage but he’s hoping to find a spot to put in and fish on one of Lake Monroe’s many tributaries. All of this wandering made us hungry, so Don suggested we stop for ice cream at Bruster’s before returning home. Tucker was all for that. He loves ice cream. Then, one more boat launch area to examine, and we were done for the day.

The Black Locust are in bloom.

The Black Locust are in bloom.

The heady scent reminds me of Honeysuckle.

The heady scent reminds me of Honeysuckle.

The rest of this week will be filled with dental and doctor appointments. We’ll both be glad to have those behind us.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid………..


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  1. Congratulations on the arrival of your new granddaughter. What a special time. Enjoy…

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