An Update on Our Last Post

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

No sooner did I hit the publish button for my last post and my cell phone rang. It was our daughter Bobbi-Leigh informing us that she and Chris were on their way to the hospital. She had just left her obstetricians’ office where an ultra sound and a non stress test had been performed. The ultra sound was fine but the non stress test showed a dip in the baby’s heartbeat. The doctor felt it would be best for Bobbi to be induced.

Don and I arrived on the maternity floor following on the heels of our daughter. We found her already in bed with a fetal monitor hooked up to her protruding belly. She was in good spirits but was concerned that having her labor induced would mean she’d have to deliver by C-section. That’s not what she wanted.  When the doctor on call, (there are four at the clinic she goes to and they rotate), came into her room, he assured her that barring any unforeseen problem, every effort  would be made for a natural delivery. The relief on our daughter’s face was quite visible.

Tonight the hospital will administer Dinoprostone to prepare Bobbi’s body for labor. Tomorrow morning they will administer Pitocin to start the labor. We expect to welcome our new granddaughter into the world sometime later tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “An Update on Our Last Post

  1. Anxiously waiting…..

  2. Thank you Ed. We agree, grandchildren are the icing on the cake of life.

  3. Ed Prigmore

    Congratulations from the grandfather of 14, ggrandfather of 5. Ain’t life grand!

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