Cruising, Biking & Beaching

A lot of people for one small motorhome. I wonder if we're breaking the load capacity.

A lot of people for one small motorhome. I wonder if we’re breaking  any laws surpassing the load capacity.

Interior view

IMG_7246                 IMG_7247

One of the campground sponsored outings was a evening Pirate Cruise out of Fort Myers Beach. About 30 of us campers opted in. The ship can host 100 people on the cruise and we were the largest group on board. I would say that going with a crowd of folks you know is the only way to go. We all met in front of the office to board the campground’s motorcoach for the ride there. Riding this motorcoach is an experience all by itself. An older motorhome, it can comfortably seat 9-10 adults other than the driver. After that, it can uncomfortably seat as many more as you can possibly pile in onto the bed and the floor. We were among the last bodies to get on board so guess where we were seated. That’s riiigghhtt…. Don had the front edge of the bed whilst I sat on the floor facing forward to avoid motion sickness as we bounced and lumbered along the byways.


Parrot Key

Parrot Key

IMG_7253                 IMG_7254

The Marina

The Marina

This Egret let me approach for a photo shoot.

This Egret let me approach him for a photo shoot.

Thanks for cooperating Mr. Egret

Thanks for cooperating Mr. Egret

We arrived at our destination with ample time to eat dinner beforehand. Our choice was Parrot Key Caribbean Grill, right on the water. Once again we ordered grouper tacos. It was unanimous, they’re not as good as the Island Cow’s. The view of the marina though was pleasant as the sun began to set. Soon after we were welcomed on board the pirate ship. This is an adult only cruise and with very good reason, the cast of characters use adult humor in their act, sometimes it’s down right raunchy. They are liberal with the booze however, perhaps to quash the inhibitions of the guests? It certainly worked for one young lady and may I just say we all found her quite entertaining.

Pieces of Eight, a 65' replica of a Spanish galleon.

Pieces of Eight, a 65′ replica of a Spanish galleon.




IMG_7275                 IMG_7276

Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves as did we. Probably more so because we were with several people we knew. Had it been just Don & I, this isn’t a form of entertainment we would have sought out.

Victor & Sally try there balloon blowing skills in a game.

Victor & Sally try there balloon blowing skills in a game.

Seminole Campground women can dance

Seminole Campground women can dance


Don and I recently purchased new bikes. We rid ourselves of the old ones late last Summer. They just weren’t working for us. Both were the standard old fashioned style of bicycle and at this stage of life we felt we needed something we could shift gears on, something a tad easier to pedal uphill on, something easier on the old knees.  The solution was two 7 speed, pedal forward bicycles. We both tried out several different brands before deciding on which ones suited us best. For Don it was a Trek that he found at the Trek Bicycle Store of Fort Myers. Mine is a Schwinn I purchased from Schwinn Cyclery. My experience at The Cyclery was excellent. I dealt with the same consultant, Greg each of the three times I was there. Greg’s  knowledge, integrity and helpfulness plus the willingness to find the bike I wanted, in the color I wanted, set up the way I wanted will not only make me a return customer in the future but I will recommend this shop to others seeking to purchase a new ride.

Me, Tom, Jean & Don

Me, Tom, Jean & Don

Lunch at a favorite restaurant.

Lunch at a favorite restaurant.

To test out our new bikes we planned an all day outing to Sanibel. Our friends Tom and Jean joined us. We drove across the island causeway stopping at the visitor center to pick up a biking map of Sanibel, then onward to Lighthouse Beach at Sanibel’s most southern point to park our trucks. Our plan was to bike the trail to the Island Cow for lunch, then back again with a side tour of Periwinkle Campground and RV Park along the way. I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to go the distance but what a difference it made to have a good bike under me. I hung right in there, no problem.

Relaxing at Lighthouse Beach

Relaxing at Lighthouse Beach

Once we returned to our parked vehicles, we loaded up the bikes and unloaded the beach chairs and cooler. It was time for a little R&R on the beach. A beautiful day it was too. Comfortably warm, blue skies and sunshine. We followed up this fun outing by treating Tom and Jean to Dirty Sand Dollar ice cream at Pinocchio’s. It was their first time sampling this handmade confection and both agreed it was delicious.

Mmm, Mmm, good!

Mmm, Mmm, good!


There are two kinds of beach days for us.



First is the Seminole Campground beach. Twice a month the park hosts a party with $1 beer, grilled hotdogs, music, beach volleyball and a campfire on the shore. Yesterday’s beach party included live entertainment starring….drum roll please………DON. That’s right! He regaled us with a variety of beach and country tunes and a few humorous adult songs he’d thrown in for good measure. The crowd appeared to enjoy listening to his music with more than one commenting on his singing. And he had a good time doing it.


The crowd we hang with at Seminole minus a few folks. From left, John & Pam, Jack & Suzanne, Tom, Ray & Karen, & Jean.

The crowd we hang with at Seminole minus a few folks. From left, John & Pam, Jack & Suzanne, Tom, Ray & Karen, & Jean.

I like the fact that he’s back playing again. It gives him something to do, filling the void that was left when he retired from work and coaching.


The second type of beach day is perhaps our favorite where just the three of us sneak off for a full day of warm sunshine, seabirds calling and waves crashing on the shore. It’s a source of great relaxation and quiet, down time that we desire every now and then.



Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………


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4 thoughts on “Cruising, Biking & Beaching

  1. I understand your plight. I wonder if we’ll ever go West. Don likes to be near the ocean & it seems there’s always something going on with one of the kids, grandkids or parents. “Sigh” By the way, I met a dog yesterday whose name is Wrecks. His master told me he was named such because as a puppy hr wrecked everything. Is that how your Wrecks got his name?

  2. You are sure staying busy and active! We recently bought our third set of bikes. When I fell off mine about 4 years ago we passed our bikes on to the grand kids and I said never again! But, I had never been to San Diego and oh my there are so many beautiful places to ride here…so one last (?) attempt…

    Love seeing pictures of Tucker!

    • Imagine how much money we’d save if we only bought the right equipment the first time around. Hopefully your new purple bike will do the job for you. I did read on your blog about all the wonderful bike paths San Diego has. If you’re ever near Sanibel Island, FL, Jekyll Island, GA or Mackinac Island, MI, you’ll find great biking at all three.
      Tucker has his own fan club in the park. People stop by all the time just to pet him & one couple comes by every evening at 7 to take him walking with them. He loves it.

      • That’s so sweet! I hope to meet Tucker one day too…
        I would love to visit the places you mentioned. I am having a hard time getting Joe to come back east. After living in Georgia for many years, he says the humidity and mosquitoes are not on our agenda. We will see…………

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