Everybody Let’s Rock

We landed at the Streetsboro/Cleveland KOA Monday afternoon. We usually avoid staying in KOA’s but this campground happened to be in an excellent location, convenient to I-80, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum and Cuyahoga Valley National Park. In the past we have found the KOA’s we’ve stayed in to be overpriced for the condition of the facility. They tend to be old parks, have poor interior roads with tight, unlevel sites. That being said, I will admit that this is the best KOA we’ve ever stayed in. It still has very poor interior roads and unlevel sites but the spacing between them is more than adequate, the amperage is excellent and water pressure okay. But the check in process here still left me with hard feelings toward KOA’s. You see, we arrived 1 1/2 hours before the check-in time and we were charged another $15 for early check-in, and mind you, our assigned site was vacant upon our arrival. Yes, we will continue to avoid KOA’s whenever possible.

Our FHU site at Streetsboro/Cleveland KOA

Our FHU site at Streetsboro/Cleveland KOA


Rock ‘n roll is here to stay, it will never die

It was meant to be that way, though I don’t know why

I don’t care what people say, rock ‘n roll is here to stay

Rock ‘n roll will always be our ticket to the end

It will go down in history, just you wait, my friend


The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum on Cleveland's Lake Erie waterfront.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum on Cleveland’s Lake Erie waterfront.


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation was formed on April 20, 1983 by Atlantic Records. The foundation began inducting artists in 1986, but the Hall of Fame still  had no home.  Several cities were considered, among them were Memphis, home of Sun Studios, Detroit, home of Motown, Cincinnati, home of King Records, New York City, and Cleveland. Cleveland began lobbing for the museum, citing that the term “rock and roll” was coined right here in Cleveland by disc jockey Alan Freed. Cleveland won out and ground breaking for the museum took place on June 7, 1993.  Two years later, on Sept.1, 1995, the doors were opened.

Janis Joplin's Porsche

Janis Joplin’s Porsche

IMG_4904               Mick Jagger's shirt


Museum memorabilia: Elvis’s G.I. jacket & Mick Jagger’s stage clothing with Jagger’s iconic tongue design,

the hand written Purple Haze lyics of  Jimi Hendrix & Katy Perry’s 2011 tour dress

IMG_4934               Katy Perry outfit

Recovered pieces of Otis Redding's plane after it crashed

Recovered pieces of Otis Redding’s plane after it crashed in 1967. The crash killed him & 4 members of his band.

Bob Seeger guitar               Devo


Bob Seeger’s guitar, I had to include this photo as his Against the Wind tour was the 1st concert Don & I attended together.

Does anyone beside me remember when Devo came on the scene with their big hit “Whip It”? They were a strange bunch of performers.

Sly from Sly & the Family Stone’s vest. I remember seeing him perform while wearing this outfit.

And who can forget David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust jumpsuit? 


Sly & the Family Stone               David Bowie outfit


Don was pumped to see the Beatles exhibit. It was the main reason he visited the museum. Later, he expressed to me his disappointment in the exhibit. He felt that for a band that made such a major contribution to rock and roll, the display could have been better and larger with more artifacts representing George, Paul, and Ringo. The focus was certainly more on John Lennon than the Fab Four. Later we learned that Yoko Ono had been a huge contributor and consultant on the project, that may have had something to do with it.


John Lennon's Sgt. Pepper outfit               IMG_4928


John Lennon’s stage outfit for Sgt. Pepper. All of the girls in my neighborhood carried one of these lunchboxes to school in the early 60’s. Check out the ticket prices for the Beatle’s concert in Cleveland.


This photo's for our daughter Kristi, a die hard John (Cougar) Mellencamp fan.

This photo’s for our daughter Kristi, a die hard John (Cougar) Mellencamp fan.

To represent “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen we have one of his six guitars commissioned for the Seeger Sessions Tour & the award he was presented in 2009 by Pres. Obama at the Kennedy Center. 

Bruce Springsteen's guitar               IMG_4943


To be honest, we’re glad we saw the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum but we both felt somewhat deflated by our visit. Our expectations had been high, especially after having toured the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum. Although the Rock & Roll one is nice, it doesn’t compare to the Country one. There were gaps we felt needed filling, such as the British Invasion and Motown periods and we felt too mush space was allocated to other exhibits like Beyonce’s stage outfits for instance. ( Yes, they were over the top sexy.) Another surprise to us were some of the inductee choices like Rush, the Sex Pistols, Patti Smith,  and The Stooges. While other performers that we felt contributed more to the genre have been ignored. Of course this is only our opinion.

IMG_4918  Michael Jackson props Michael Jackson's glove

Some exhibits sure brought back memories. I believe I walked around with a transistor radio to my ear (and under my pillow at night) through most of my childhood.

IMG_4951               IMG_4950

Our two oldest girls on the other hand, got a work out  carrying around their Boom boxes to listen too.

Boom Box


Pink Floyd's The Wall

Pink Floyd’s The Wall

After touring the museum we strolled the 9th street pier to Bicentennial Park on Cleveland’s waterfront.

Cleveland's skyline

Cleveland’s skyline

Cleveland Browns ball field on the right.

Cleveland Browns ball field on the right.

IMG_4959               IMG_4962


Progressive Field, home the Cleveland Indians

Progressive Field, home the Cleveland Indians

We really wanted to attend a Cleveland Indians baseball game at Progressive Field but due to bad timing we won’t be able to. The Indians are playing away games the entire time we will be here. Sigh …Maybe another time.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………………..


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2 thoughts on “Everybody Let’s Rock

  1. Boy does that bring back lots of memories! Nothing like the good ole days with rock and roll!

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