A New State On Our Map

Moving Day

Up early. Although we’re only traveling 80 miles to our new camp today, the weatherman says rain is heading our way. By the looks of it, it will also arrive at our destination soon after passing through Monroe. We want to break camp here and set up there well ahead of it so we depart early.

This is the type of travel day we both like best. Short, preferably with no surprises. But surprised we were. Even our Truckers GPS was surprised. We had to make an unexpected detour that added another 20 miles of travel to our schedule. But we do arrive in Sandusky and set up camp in the nick of time. The rain follows quickly on our heels and it is an all day drenching rain. It does nothing to break the humidity though. We will need to wait another day before exploring our new surroundings.


Another Day

In fact it has been two days. The outside temps are much more cooler than we’d like. Skies are gray and overcast. It feels damp and the weatherman continues to forecast a chance of rain. On the positive side, we have no plans to sight see. Our purpose for stopping at Crystal Rock was to regroup and take care of a few RV needs. After which we’ll continue our southeastward trek.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………

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2 thoughts on “A New State On Our Map

  1. Good to hear from you again Gay and so happy to know that Joe is improving as well. As for the tomato pie, if the tomatoes aren’t homegrown, forget about making one. Hot house tomatoes don’t taste as good.

  2. I had a fun time catching up…beautiful pictures on the previous post. So glad Leslie is better. And the Botana looks yummy! But you know my favorite pictures are of the water and birds…

    I have never had tomato pie..will be looking up recipes for that.

    Safe travels…

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