Beach Bums and Plain Dumb Luck


Don felt up to finishing the wax job he’d started on Suite Pea’s cap the other day. This time, I held onto the ladder. I”m happy to report that the task was completed without any more incidences. He used a new product on it that he’d heard about on the RV forums and what a difference, the cap looks as good as the day we brought our 5er home.

Wurfel Park

Wuerfel Park

Later in the day, my folks treated us to a Beach Bums baseball game at the local ballpark in Traverse City. We do try to see a game whenever we’re here in the Summer.

Wuerfel Park is a great little facility, easy to navigate and there are no bad seats. It is home to the Traverse City Beach Bums professional baseball team. The team is a member of the Frontier League and is not affiliated with any major league ball team. Their maiden season was in 2006, since then their fans have continued to increase annually. Dad had gotten his hands on great seats this time. A table for four, right behind home plate.


We ordered cheeseburgers and drinks from the grill just before the game started. On our way back to the table, I noticed a line of people, I saw that they were filling out entry forms for something but didn’t really give it much notice. A few innings into the ballgame, Don coaxed me into going to the souvenir shop with him and again, a few folks were submitting entries. This time I glanced at the small billboard next to the entry box and read in big letters, Jimmy Buffett Punta Cana. I didn’t bother to read the small print. Soooo, I wrongly assumed it was to win tickets to a Buffett concert and put in my entry. I then encouraged Don to do likewise. He balked at first but he did relent. As we put our entries into the box the lady in charge commented that the drawing would take place during the 8th inning. We went back to enjoying the game and all of the promotional activities and promptly forgot about the contest.


Between the 8th and 9th innings, Sun Burn, one of the Bums two mascots climbed up on the home team dugout with an announcer and reached into the entry box. Handing over the card to the announcer, we heard the loud speaker announce, “We have a winner! Don Pietz!” The four of us all jumped up and started yelling “Here! Over here!” The announcer didn’t hear us and made a move to draw another name out of the box, then an uproar from the crowd nearest to us went up, “Here! He’s over here!” The announcer turned toward Don and called him over to claim his prize. I was thinking “Cool! We’re going to a Buffett concert.” Meanwhile Don was thinking “What did I win?”

IMG_4604               IMG_4606

Don was gone for awhile. Apparently, he was shaking hands and having photos taken. He returned carrying a folder and grinning from ear to ear. He looked at me and said, “Start packing. We’re going to the Dominican Republic.” Now there were four of us who were stunned.

IMG_4631 <<< Sun Tan  Sun Burn >>>IMG_4626

So why did the sign have Jimmy Buffett’s name on it? Well, apparently he’s playing at the local casino. And that is the only tie-in Buffett had to the promotion.

We must take our trip between Jan. 1-Aug. 30, 2015. We also must depart from Traverse City airport, which is one of the trip’s sponsors. We were already planning to come back next June for my father’s 80th birthday so we will take advantage of Don’s prize at that time.

Oh! And the Beach Bums? They beat the Southern Illinois Miners 8 to 7. Way to go Bums!

Here’s lookin’ at you kid………………..r20h3nh9mevmt6j4nic886ypl (1)


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