New TV Set Up….. and Another Breakdown







Early morning fog

Early morning fog

I love walking early in the morning when the campground is quiet & I have all this beauty to myself.

I love walking early in the morning when the campground is quiet & I have all this beauty to myself.




Once we had the Suite Pea all situated comfortably on her site. Don called Bryan at Elkhart Satellite to let him know we had arrived. Bryan told us previously that he’d like to stop by on his way home from work to check out our satellite TV setup and discuss the changes Don wants to make. That way he’d know what he needed to bring with him on Tuesday to do the job for us.

I neglected to mention on our previous post that Sunday, before we had left Bloomington, our truck had made an awful sound while we were on our way to Jason and Kristi’s pitch-in. It sounded like something metal was dragging behind us. Don pulled off into a parking lot to investigate but couldn’t find anything out of place. He pulled forward and reversed several times, then all of a sudden, the noise stopped. We continued on our way although it nagged at us as to what had caused it. Even though the noise never reoccurred, Don went ahead and contacted Eby Ford service center in Goshen to set up an inspection appointment. Eby’s said they could see us Wednesday morning at 7:30 am.

E & S Sales market abuts  Eash Sales. Both are favorites of ours.

E & S  market abuts Eash Sales. Both are favorites of ours.

Tuesday we hiked the campground then walked over to Eash Sales. Eash Sales specializes in outdoor furniture, screen rooms, garden decorations and the like. We always see something here that we like so it sure is a good thing we don’t have a yard anymore, else we’d go broke. But we do enjoy looking and we did find something we think Don’s mother would like. Maybe we’ll come back to get it for her Christmas present. The down side of walking back from Eash Sales to our site at the campground is we have to pass by Ben’s Bakery. Now those of you who have been following along with us since we began our gypsy lifestyle know that Don has a weakness for Amish made pumpkin whoopie pies and Don knows he can get them at Ben’s. So sure enough, we stop. And sure enough, he gets one. Just one! I’m impressed by his willpower, he passed up the 6 pack of whoopies. But alas, my being impressed was short lived as I watched him add a fry pie to his purchase. I expect he’ll be accusing me of shrinking his clothes again.

Later we went in search of a quilt for the new sofa and found one we both liked. Since quilts and Amish go hand in hand we had an abundance of them to choose from. The difficult part was finding one that went well with our “coastal” decor instead of the more traditional designs but luck was with us. All of this shopping caused us to work up an appetite, next stop, Jo Jo’s for fresh made, hot pretzels and flavored cokes. A favorite eatery when we’re in town.

Our new quilt

Our new quilt

We made it back to camp just in time to meet Bryan and have him revamp our TV setup. We now have HD in the bedroom and outside pass-thru just as we have in the living area. Also each TV can record up to seven different listings at a time. (Not that we would.) He also set up the batwing antennae again so we could receive local channels if we find ourselves in a heavily treed campsite where our satellite is unable to get a connection. Being able to watch the local weather conditions are vitally important to us especially since we live in a tin can on wheels. We’ve rode out hurricane and tornado warnings in the past.

Our site

Our site

Our view. An Amish homestead.

Our view. An Amish homestead.


 Open Range and Redwood RVs are both hosting rallies here this week.


I set the alarm clock for 6 am to be certain Don is up in time to take the truck into the shop. Usually we are up by then.

Wednesday morning Don prepares to leave. A quick kiss goodbye, he hops into the truck, turns the ignition and….nothing. After a few attempts, he returns to the Suite Pea and contacts Good Sam Road Assistance. Our coverage with Good Sam has been a God send. This Ford truck has made much use of it since we ventured out onto the open road. (This is the first Ford we’ve ever owned and it will be the last Ford too.)


By 7:15, the truck is loaded onto a flatbed and Don hitches a ride to the service center with the tow driver. At Eby Ford Don learns that the trucks rear brakes need to be replaced. That was the screeching metal sound we’d heard last Sunday. Apparently something, possibly a rock, became lodged in there in a way that caused grooving to the rotor and damaged it. As for the truck not starting, well it is 6 years old and even though it has less than 60,000 miles on it, the old gal needed new batteries. Don waited until 6 pm before the repairs were complete. A long day for sure. Total cost of repair: $1485.00


Meanwhile I took advantage of having the day to myself by giving Suite Pea a deep cleaning. She was long overdue and I do indeed like a clean home.

Now that we have everything taken care of maybe now we can finally enjoy what little time we have left to be here.

I make a friend on my morning walk. She presses her head to the fence for me to scratch between her ears.

I make a friend on my morning walk. She presses her head to the fence for me to scratch between her ears.

Mama mare with foal.

Mama mare with foal.

Isn't she adorable?

Isn’t she adorable?

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…………………………


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6 thoughts on “New TV Set Up….. and Another Breakdown

  1. Oh yes! I do now. Hope all is going well for you Gary & I hope our newest post answered the question you had regarding our tv system. If not, I’ll do my best to explain it better. Safe travels, Don

  2. I had to back track….love the pictures of your family…especially the happy faces on the children!
    Your new quilt is very pretty on your new couch…I always admire the Amish furniture. It’s so simple and elegant at the same time. And whoopsie pies…yum, yum! Hope the truck is good to go now.

  3. gary

    Don I thought you ha the traveler which is HD? Can you explain what needed to be done.

    • Hi Gary, we posted a better explanation on our blog as to what changes we made to our TV system. I hope it answers your questions. -Don & Gayle

      • gary

        You remember the couple camped next to you in Cooper Harbor with the Beaver motor home?

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