Spending Time With Family and Friends

Our neighbors

Our neighbors

Another full week back home with family. We spent Monday and Tuesday getting appointments with our dentist, doctors and the vet out of the way. We did have one screw up. Don and I both forgot that he was supposed to take antibiotics before having any dental procedure done. This is due to the knee replacement he had in January 2013. Don remembered the fact late Sunday night, too late to call our dentist and request a prescription call in at the local pharmacy. I called the office first thing the following morning expecting we’d need to reschedule our appointments but fortunately we learned he only needed to take the antibiotics one hour prior to his visit. Our dentist said he kept some on hand so we left an hour earlier than planned to make the 60 mile trip to his clinic. Good thing we took our Kindles with us as we had time to kill before our cleanings.  So glad to have all of this out of the way again.



From atop Monroe's dam.

From atop Monroe’s dam.

Wednesday proved to be a lazy day for us. Our first day of not having somewhere to go or someone to see. We decided to take a drive around 10,750 acre Monroe Reservoir, taking backroads all the way. The lake is the largest in Indiana. We have many great memories of being on Monroe back when we owned a bass boat and used to tournament fish. Monroe has a nice state park that is big rig friendly but we’ve found that the amperage is not consistent during peak season. Partly the reason why we chose to stay at Jellystone Park this visit. Monroe also has a national forest campground with water access. We have never camped at Hardin Ridge in the Hoosier National Forest before so we checked it out too while we were out and about. A very nice, quiet, clean campground, thickly wooded, with a hand full of sites long enough to accommodate a big rig. The park staff we talked to are full time work campers and very friendly, helpful folks. In two sections we had deer crossing the road in front of us. I was slow getting the camera for our first sighting but I managed to get a shot of the doe with her fawn on our second. We also saw what we believe was an Ornate Box Turtle crossing the road. I had Don stop the truck so I could get out to move him across the road myself. I didn’t want to take a chance of him getting hit by a vehicle.

Building a lookout platform in Hardin Ridge A scenic lookout being built at Hardin Ridge. The unobstructed view.IMG_4005

IN 446 over Monroe Res.

My rescue turtle My “rescue” turtle. Doe with fawn.IMG_9835

Back at the Suite Pea we got caught up with bill paying and I made reservations at Disney World for next February. We will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary there. By evening, I was beginning to feel poorly. I called it a night and went to bed early.

Tucker loves his grandma. Doesn't he look houndsome after his grooming?

Tucker loves his grandma. Doesn’t he look houndsome after his grooming?

Thursday morning I awoke feeling even worse. My throat raw from all the drainage I’m having, it caused my ears to ache too. I couldn’t go anywhere without carrying a box of Kleenex with me. Damned allergies are kicking my butt. Good thing we didn’t have much going on today other than taking Tucker in to be groomed and taco dinner at my mother’s later on.

Splash Park

Splash Park

Gabby & Brad               Maddy

We spent Friday at the Splash Park with our daughters Kristi and Bobbi-Leigh and four of our grandchildren. I was still feeling rough but I didn’t want to disappoint the kiddos so I just took my box of Kleenex along with me in my beachbag. Brad, Gabby and Ian enjoyed themselves but poor Maddy didn’t participate, she has a bad case of poison ivy. Don grilled hotdogs for us for lunch and I served up cantaloupe, chips and cookies for dessert. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Blue skies, sunshine, warm and no humidity.

Ian  Ian, Gabby & Don  Ian, Gabby & me  Gabby

Gabby & Ian

Saturday and I wish I could say I’m back to normal but the sneezing and runny nose haven’t abated. Ah well, I still have things to take care of. Saturday mornings in Bloomington, everyone seems to have the same thing in mind, shopping at the Bloomington Farmers Market. I have never been here when there wasn’t a crowd. Don is with me on this visit. I shop, he carries the purchases. What a deal! I figure he owes me after all the years I spent toting softball equipment around for him and Bobbi-Leigh. He was easy to placate though, with a freshly baked blueberry scone. Warm and delicious! A quick run through the aisles at Walmart on our way back to the rig and our shopping is finished for this week.


IMG_4064               IMG_4060



IMG_4061  IMG_4057  IMG_4059  IMG_4052

IMG_4055               IMG_4050


We met up with old friends and coworkers, Bill (Fergie) and Jan Ferguson, and David (Bogie)  and Brenda Bogie for dinner this evening at Cheeseburger In Paradise. Had a great time catching up with them and conversation continued long after the meal was over. We’re hoping to reconnect again this Winter in Florida, if not sooner.



Fergie, Jan, Bogie, Brenda, me & Don. Except for Jan, the rest of us worked together at Allison Transmission for many years.

Fergie, Jan, Bogie, Brenda, me & Don. Except for Jan, the rest of us worked together at Allison Transmission for many years.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………………

IMG_3989 IMG_4001 2 Butterflies



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2 thoughts on “Spending Time With Family and Friends

  1. I feel your discomfort…..we have been plagued with allergies too!
    Sounds like a great week with family and friends! I love the splash park. What a wonderful way to entertain the grand kids. Nice farmer’s market……Saturdays and markets just go together don’t they?

    • Just checked in with you on your blog too Gay and see you’re into farm markets too. I wish we could find them in all the towns we visit, don’t you? And yes the splash park has been great for entertaining our grandchildren, especially the younger ones. We’ll be making Jellystone Park our base for visiting our family here from now on. Enjoy your travels thru lovely Colorado.

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