Holiday Madness

Don lays in wood for the big weekend. I believe we have enough to see us thru the Winter.

Don lays in wood for the big weekend. I believe we have enough to see us thru the Winter.

We were ecstatic when Wednesday rolled around and we were able to use our new mattress but first we needed to rid ourselves of the old one. Our oldest daughter Kristi, requested to have it. She and her family have a sweet faced and highly spirited Great Dane named Lily Belle and Miss Lily was in need of a new bed. So bright and early Wednesday morning, Don and I carried the old mattress out to the truck bed where Don bungee corded it into place. Once again we made the drive up to Ellettsville. We were happily greeted by Lily and two of our grandchildren as they raced down the driveway to meet our truck with hugs, kisses and licks. You can’t beat that kind of reception.

Our son-in-law Jason and oldest grandson Brad hauled the bed into their rumpus room and laid it down in front of the fireplace. Our daughter intends to frame in the mattress, add coasters with brakes, and cover it with a sheet that matches her decor and can be removed for washing. The king sized pad is big enough that the kids will be able to lay down with Lily Belle too which the two younger ones are often prone to do and our oldest granddaughter likes to sit with Lily and read to her.

Lily Belle on her new bed

Lily Belle on her new bed

Don and I stopped by to see my mother who also lives in Ellettsville. Her birthday is coming up on Monday and I wanted to give her birthday present to her and take her out to lunch. Mom’s favorite restaurant for a noon meal is Olive Garden, she can’t get enough of their soup, salad and breadsticks. Our youngest, Bobbi-Leigh took off work early to join us. With drinks, an appetizer and desserts included, all four of us were stuffed by the time we left. Don and I then headed back to our Suite Pea and promptly made the bed using our newly purchased sheets, pillows and quilt. I just love climbing into fresh, crisp sheets at bedtime.

Ma opens our gift to her.

Ma opens our gift to her.

Thursday afternoon brought us a guest for the holiday, our daughter Bobbi finally had time off after having worked the past 13 days in a row. Don cooked steaks and sweet potatoes on the firepit for dinner and we spent the evening enjoying S’mores and a nice campfire.

Bobbi-Leigh with dear old dad.

Bobbi-Leigh with dear old dad.

The Fourth of July came with the smell of bacon frying on camp stoves and fire grates all through the campground. At the Suite Pea we feasted on breakfast burritos, my dad’s recipe. Much of the day was spent gabbing and playing Yahtzee. Don entertained us by playing his guitar and singing. His impersonation of Elmer Fudd singing Fire and The Lion Sleeps Tonight had Bobbi and I laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes.


Later, Bobbi’s friend Emily drove down to join us for dinner and fireworks. This was our first time meeting Emily and we took an instant liking to her. Being a service brat, just as I was, she regaled us with tales of the places she had at one time called home. With her gift of gab, I’m sure Emily has never met a stranger. Don once again made dinner over the firepit. Blackened chicken, fresh corn-on-the-cob, potato and onion packets and sliced home grown tomatoes. For dessert I made us strawberry shortcake. Soon after we headed to Seymour for fireworks.

Bobbi-Leigh and Emily

Bobbi-Leigh and Emily

There’s no better place to gather for a Fourth of July celebration than small town, America. The entire town turns out for the big show. Families piled into cars and SUV’s. Truck loads of teenagers with radios blaring. Vehicles parked alongside the country lane while most of us park in a farmers field. Lawn chairs, coolers and tots racing in and around parked cars playing tag or hide and seek. The four of us were right in there with them.

IMG_3906               IMG_3909

The celebration began with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the singing of our national anthem then BOOM”!!! and the night sky bursts open with an array of bright colored explosions. The town cheers. Patriotic tunes continue to play over the loud speaker through the display. Don has us all in stitches again with his imitations of a redneck and of Forrest Gump.


Don had the girls in stitches.

Don had the girls in stitches.

Back at the campground, I’ve asked Emily to stay the night with us rather than make the long drive back to Bloomington this late at night but she insists she must go as she has two fur children at home waiting for her return. We understand how that is. We tell her we’ll be moving up to Bloomington to camp when we leave Starve Hollow and invite her to visit us again while there. Emily agrees.

Early Saturday morning, dressed for work, Bobbi-Leigh leaves us. We will see her again once we make the move closer to family. Don and I put the rig back in order then I head to the laundromat while he vacuums Suite Pea. Holiday festivities continue at Starve Hollow throughout the day. During the afternoon the children meet at the Nature Center to decorate their bikes with red, white and blue crepe paper, balloons and such. At 4 they form a line and parade through the park for all to see. At the park bandstand, local musicians are tuning up their instruments and testing the PA system. Folks begin to gather with lawn chairs and drinks in hand. Tucker, Don and I joined in the madness for awhile, then decided to call it an evening.

IMG_3923 Bike Parade IMG_3924

It’s been awhile since I last attended Sunday service but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity this morning with the convenience of having an outdoor church setting right here in the park. I wasn’t the only one who came to hear God’s Word as the seats were full and it soon became standing room only. Local pastors and lay people from 3 local parishes volunteer to give the sermon every Sunday in season. Favorite old hymns were sung and I enjoyed the fellowship of other campers as we took communion together. Communion being offered is a rare occurrence at a state park service.

Church service area

Walking back to our site after service,  I was witness to a mass exodus of campers homeward bound. We had survived the long weekend madness that a Summer holiday always brings. Now it’s just us and the camp hosts in our little section of the campground again.

Next time I post, we will have moved to a park closer to our family. We’re hoping our internet connection will be vastly improved.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…………………….

IMG_9828 Our other weekend guests IMG_9825

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Madness

  1. What a very nice holiday! We missed the fireworks….I really enjoyed yours! Hope your new mattress is comfy and yes, I agree about the crisp fresh sheets!

    • Hi Gay! Yes the new mattress is working out, matter of fact, I’d say it’s the best we’ve ever owned. We’re feeling rested and not waking up with all those aches and pains.

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