LIVE from Music City U.S.A.

                                                     The CMA Country Fan Fest is over–it’s safe to go into the city.


We’ve been waiting for downtown Nashville to return to normal before venturing out to see the sights. We felt the Walk of Fame would be a good choice to start. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The Walk of Fame park, conveniently located across from the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum is undergoing some major improvements to the grounds and several of the stars are in the midst of being replaced as well. We did locate two big time country singers stars, that of Hank Williams Sr. and Elvis Presley. Overall it looks like it will be a nice park once the work is complete.

IMG_3415               IMG_3414

Music Row/Honky Tonk Row


Honky Tonk Row is just a short walk away.When the Grand Ole Opry was still being staged in the Ryman Auditorium, the clubs on Honky Tonk Row were a breeding ground for performers hoping to be discovered. We love the vibe of the place. We popped into a couple of the bars to listen to the live performances. It was standing room only so we didn’t stay long at any one place, we’ll check out these venues again before we leave. I liked all the old style neon lights and took photos of several of them. I can imagine how bright and lively this street is at night.

IMG_3402  IMG_3404  IMG_3405  IMG_3406

The legendary George Jones hung out in this honky tonk.

The legendary George Jones hung out in this honky tonk.

IMG_3410  IMG_3411  IMG_3403  IMG_3408

I suggested to Don that we grab a cheeseburger at Rotier’s. Back when Jimmy Buffett was a working stiff for Billboard Magazine and a struggling songwriter in Nashville, cheap and tasty eats were a necessity on his budget. He found it at Rotier’s. It’s number 3 on his list of top ten cheeseburgers. Being a couple of Parrotheads ourselves, we had to check it out.

IMG_3417            IMG_3419

Rotier’s has been in the burger business since 1945 when John and Evelyn Rotier opened the beer joint after WWII. Housed at its original location, Rotier’s is still owned and operated by 3rd generation family members. The bar/restaurant’s  Cheeseburger on French bread is their claim to fame. It’s what we came for. Not a bad burger, the French bread is what makes it but it’s not on par with the Buffett recommended burger we tried at the Dew Drop Inn in Mobile, Alabama.


Rotier’s is just a short distance from the next stop on our list, that of Nashville’s Music Row. Music Row gets its name from all of the recording studios and music related businesses within a two block radius. One right after another. This area is considered to be the heart of Nashville’s entertainment industry. It wasn’t what Don had expected to find. He assumed he’d find historic recording studios such as RCA Records housed in old buildings but the majority of the buildings here were newer, upscale brick and glass structures. No character. It did have a few interesting sculptures though.


One more stop on our list and then we’d call it a day. Don has been itching to “just look” at new guitars while in Nashville. Well we “just looked” to the tune of  $1300. Don is now the gleeful owner of a brand new Martin cut away guitar. I won’t let him talk me into “just looking” at PA systems next.


We finished off our day with Don making a Dutch Oven pizza over the firepit for dinner, then taking Tucker for a walk around the campground. The lightning bugs are out in mass. A sure sign of Summer.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…………………

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2 thoughts on “LIVE from Music City U.S.A.

  1. What a great stop…it is definitely in our future! Way to go Don…nice!
    I am like you Gayle, the old neon signs are so cool! Great photos….love Honky Tonk Row with all it’s old buildings.

    • Honky Tonk Row reminded me of the main drag in Las Vegas 30 plus years ago. I want to go back one evening just for the neon lights. What a contrast between the new glass skyscrapers & the historic old brick buildings. We are really digging this town.

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