Laying Low

We arrived in Asheville, North Carolina just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend and just like any good fulltimer, we’re laying low. The campground is overflowing, children are running helter skelter and the dogs are barking. Throw into the mix that this park is situated smack dab in the middle of one of Asheville’s busiest greenways. We have joggers, dog walkers and bikers passing by from sun up until sun down. Instead of joining the throngs of partiers and sightseers, we chose to give the Suite Pea a thorough interior cleaning. We tackled the three Fantastic fans and the window screens while we were at it. Don even washed the truck  and cleaned it out. We also stocked the pantry and freezer. Now all we need to do is wait out the holiday before busting loose for a little fun of own.

We passed through the Jocassee Gorges area on the way to the RV park and I’m happy to report there wasn’t any sniveling from the drivers side of the vehicle this time. I guess it’s true when they say “Three times the charm.” I even offered to route us back through on our return trip this Fall just to solidify the fact he could do it. Instead of a response, I got the ‘ol stink eye. Sheesh!

Wilson's Riverfront RV Park & Cg., Asheville, NC

View of the French Broad River from our back window.

View of the French Broad River from our back window.

River traffic

River traffic

So here we are parked at little Wilson’s Riverfront RV Park & Campground. I have no idea how many sites are here but I ‘d venture to guess 30 tops. All sites are lined up to either side of the facility’s one road. The French Broad River runs alongside the campground. We were lucky enough to grab one of the river slots upon our arrival. Once you check in, you’re free to claim any of the open sites as your own. We like being able to do that. Wilson’s is pretty basic. The only amenities are restrooms near the small tent section. There is a laundromat about one mile down the road and of course there is the dog friendly Amboy Greenway with very nice walking trails. The trails are exceptionally nice. On the portion south of us the path sits between the swiftly flowing French Broad River and tall hedges of wild roses and honeysuckle. Their scents permeate the air around us.

This is it, Wilson's Riverfront RV Park.

This is it, Wilson’s Riverfront RV Park.

The portion to our north includes ball diamonds, a raceway, a large  playgound, lawn bowling and a wetland area. The three of us are going to make good use of the greenway during our stay.

Amboy Greenway

Amboy Greenway

Flowering hedges line the path.

Flowering hedges line the path.

The riverfront park is conveniently located just off the interstate, easy on, easy off, but with that you get plenty of highway noise. Wilson’s advertises that it has 30/50 amp, paved, full hookup sites. Yes the sites are paved and level. Yes they all have electric, sewer and water BUT the water pressure is poor and the 50 amps fluctuates horribly. We’ve tripped the surge protector half a dozen times already, we’re not even running our AC, and we aren’t the only ones having issues. Don decided to switch us from 50 amps to 30. So far so good.

All told, the park will suffice for our needs while we’re in Asheville.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…………..Honeysuckle

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2 thoughts on “Laying Low

  1. Now I know why green is my favorite color….my what a beautiful Greenway. I just know Tucker is loving every minute of it! Can’t wait to see what adventures you have in Ashville. Our time there was very quick…just a long week-end so the Biltmore was about it for us.


    • We do have our tickets to visit the Biltmore Estate. It took some persuasion to get Don on board, I had to promise him some good Carolina Que. I’m looking forward to seeing it. Asheville has a lot going on. You & Joe would probably enjoy hiking some of the mountain trails in this area if you ever make a return visit.

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