Feliz Cinco de Mayo mi Compadres


Don started our day by preparing Mountain Man Breakfast in the Dutch oven over the firepit. This was his first attempt at a breakfast in the oven and it was a success. We felt this recipe would be a good one to make for family when we see them this Summer. He cut the recipe in half for just the two of us and we still had leftovers.

Dutch Oven Mountain Man Breakfast

1 lb. bacon

1 dozen eggs

1 bag frozen O’Brien hash browns (the kind with green peppers and onions)

1 lg. onion, diced

1 lb. shredded Cheddar


Fry bacon in the Dutch oven. When crisp, set aside. Then fry hash browns and onions in the bacon grease. Once they’re near done, return the bacon, crumbled, back to the oven. Add the whisked eggs and cheese. Mix it all up into a gooey mess. Once it’s cooked through. serve with salsa. Easy peasy.

The finished product.

The finished product.

IMG_2893          IMG_2890


Wanting to express our unity with our Southern border neighbor in celebrating El Dia de la Batalla de Puebla we went for a midday meal to Tequila’s Town, a highly rated Mexican restaurant in Savannah’s Historic Colonial District.Apparently everyone else in Savannah had the same idea for it was a lively, packed affair. Once again we chose the tacos. Don had the Grouper and I the shrimp. They’re served the traditional way here with cabbage slaw, fresh cilantro and lime salsa. It was muy delicioso! Let’s not forget the margarita’s, Don’s frozen and mine on the rocks. We opted for a little Georgia twist to them and had the peach flavored.


Don commented that this was the most boisterous eatery we’d ever been in. It was so loud we could hardly carry on a conversation but I believe we found the reason why. I don’t know if this is the norm for Tequila’s Town or if it was because of the Pueblo, Mexico holiday celebration but a waiter made his rounds, stopping at each table, carrying a tray with a bottle of tequila and several shot glasses. The shots were on the house for any (legal) body who wanted one. I noticed the majority of diners accepted the shot, Don included. We did have a great time.

IMG_2891  SALUD!       IMG_2892

The walk back to where we were parked took us past a restaurant that appeared in that delightful film Forrest Gump. It was the diner where Jenny (Robin Wright) waitressed. Don and I are both big fans of the movie and have watched it many, many times so of course I had to take a photo.

IMG_2896          IMG_2895

We passed the Juliet Gordon Low house. Juliet Gordon Low, a Savannah native, was the founder of Girl Scouts of America. Having been a girl scout myself and mom to 3 daughters who were also scouts, again I had to take a photo. Our youngest came to Savannah as a young girl with her scout troop. They participated in a ceremony in the yard of the house. It holds a special memory for her.

Juliet Gordon Low House

Juliet Gordon Low House

Across from the Low house is Wright Square. The square, plotted in 1733 was originally named for John Percival, Earl of Egmont who played a big part in the colonization of Georgia. In 1763 it was renamed in honor of James Wright, governor of the province of Georgia from 1760 -1782. In 1739, Tomo-chi-chi, a Yamacraw Indian chief and friend of the colonists was buried with ceremony at the heart of this square. General Oglethorpe was one of the pallbearers. Each of Savannah’s 22 squares (originally there were 24) has it’s own story to tell. We intend to explore quite a few more.

Monument at the center of Wright Square.

Monument at the center of Wright Square.

Back at the rig with the temperature hovering in the mid to high 90’s, we decided to take our Cinco de Mayo celebration one step further with another Mexican tradition. We took a siesta.

I hope all of you enjoyed this non-American holiday as much as we did.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…………………

Update on Tucker

We’ve had a lot of people ask how Tucker was doing. We’re happy to say that his swelling has gone down significantly and he is walking normally. We will continue giving him Epsom salt soaks and  his prescribed meds until he sees his vet again next week. This gives us hope that it is allergy related.

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2 thoughts on “Feliz Cinco de Mayo mi Compadres

  1. Sounds like a really fun day! About the only Mexican thing we did was the siesta!

    Great news on Tucker! Thank you for letting us know!

    • That’s the nice thing about being retired, siestas whenever we please. I’ll post more on Tucker after his next visit to the animal hospital.

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