Sand Castles and Peanut Butter


Every once in awhile we stumble across a festival that’s hard to resist, like Bloomington, Indiana’s Balloon Fest or La Belle, Florida’s Swamp Cabbage Festival. Today we checked out the Sand Art Festival on Tybee Island.


It’s an annual one day event sponsored by Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). It features competitions in sand castle design, sand sculpture, sand relief and wind sculpture. Everyone is invited to attend but the competition is limited to SCAD students, alumni and the college faculty. All entries except for the wind sculptures must consist of sand and natural objects found on the beach, such as shells, driftwood and seaweed. Awards are given in each category including one for Best Underwater Creature.



Examples of sand sculpture.

IMG_2861          IMG_2863


The event was held at North Beach on Tybee Island, directly across from the Tybee Island Lighthouse. Surprisingly, parking was easy to come by even though the event drew quite a crowd.

IMG_2869          IMG_2868

Above are examples of wind sculpture.

IMG_2871          IMG_2870




It is amazing to see the talent and imagination these kids possess. We witnessed the sand art taking form in all of its stages, beginning with nothing more than a flat sandy beach and ending in some very unique sculptures and formations. It began raining about 1 1/2 hours before the event ended so we didn’t stick around to see all the entries completed nor the awards presentation. We did enjoy the time spent and came away with a greater appreciation of what goes into building sand castles.


Both sides of the same sand sculpture.


Being so close to Tybee Lighthouse, we stopped to take a couple of photos. We didn’t tour it this visit since we’d been here once before. The lighthouse Is Georgia’s oldest, built in 1773 and the tallest at 145 feet. It’s open to visitors who desire to climb the 178 steps to the top for a breathtaking view of Tybee Island, the ocean and salt water marshes.

Tybee Lighthouse

Tybee Lighthouse

Since we were out and about we stopped at Savannah’s Visitor Center in search of maps and tour information. We collected several brochures that piqued our interests too. It’ll give us reading material tonight while we decide which attractions we want to visit during our stay at Skidaway Island State Park.

Historic River Street

Historic River Street


This is River Street. It'll jostle your vehicle and twist an ankle if you misstep.

This is River Street. It’ll jostle your vehicle and twist an ankle if you misstep.

Another stop along the way, historic River Street. You see, Don has a peanut butter fetish. He’s a peanut butter connoisseur. The brands found in the corner grocery store won’t suffice. Nope, it has to be all natural and difficult for me to find. His favorite brand is Koeze  and thus far I have only found it at two locations, Dillman Farms in Bloomington, Indiana and Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan.When I do find it, I buy it by the case, usually purchasing every last jar in the store.  When we went home for Thanksgiving last November, I bought the last 3 jars Dillman Farms had. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to tide Don over until we return again in July. He finally scraped the last dregs out of his last jar 3 weeks ago and he’s been on a quest to find some more.

This brings me back to River Street. Don found out when we were at the visitors center that there’s a store on the riverfront called The Peanut Shop. “This is Georgia,” Don proclaimed, “land of the peanut. I should be able to find peanut butter here.” And find it we did. It’s not Koeze but it is an all natural and his desperation has allowed him to be more flexible about the brand. I bought 3 jars. I hope that tides him over until July.


Goodies made on site.

Goodies made on site.

See anything you like?

See anything you like?

River Street is a bonanza of shopping and restaurants. One particular shop we tried to pass by had a great marketing strategy to lure us in. They posted a polite, friendly, young man out front who offered free samples of pecan rolls to passerby’s. He had us at free sample and wouldn’t you know it was delicious. And that’s how River Street Sweets seduced us into going in.

For over 40 years the sweet shop has been making delectable sweets on site. The varieties offered boggled our minds, and then we spied them, the grand dame of Southern treats, the praline. The made from scratch, make your teeth hurt they’re so sweet, Southern praline. We asked for a pound of the melt in your mouth confection and to our delight our wait person told us we would get another 1/2 pound free. What a deal! We took our free 1/2 pound in the chocolate version of the yummy praline.

Back at the Suite Pea, Don gave Tucker a much needed bath. Tucker is due to see a groomer but with his paw problem we’re afraid to let anyone but us tend to him. He loved getting dad’s attention since we’d left him by his self for most of the day. While Don tended to our boy, I heated up yesterdays leftovers for dinner. Guess what we had for dessert.

IMG_2884     IMG_2885     IMG_2888

Hope your day was as fine as ours.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………………….

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2 thoughts on “Sand Castles and Peanut Butter

  1. Those sand sculptures are amazing! Too bad it rained…
    Glad the cupboard had been restocked with peanut butter…yum!
    Lucky Tucker…we need to give all 4 a bath!

    • Gay believe or not one of this rigs selling points for us was the outside shower in the water box. It has hot & cold taps so Tucker doesn’t freeze his arse off when being rinsed off. We wondered too how the sculptures would hold up in the rain. We didn’t read anything on a contingency plan should foul weather hit in the midst of the festival.

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