Skidaway Island and Another Trip to the Doggie Doctor


Another short driving day much to Don’s delight. We racked up a mere 97 miles. We arrived at Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah just at it started to rain. It wasn’t the downpour that most of the South has been getting, just a gentle steady rain that didn’t last long.

Skidaway Island State Park Site #42, Savannah, GA

I had reserved one of the coveted full hookup sites well in advance and this being a Georgia state park, once again we were allowed to select our own site. We like that about this state’s park system. When we arrived only 3 out of the 17 full hookup spaces were still available and of the 3, only 1 could we manage to get a satellite signal as this park is densely wooded. That was the site we took as it made Don extremely happy. He would be able to watch (or tape if we’re out), his Detroit Tiger baseball games. I should mention here that this campground does have cable hookups so all would not be lost without a satellite except our MLB package.


We do like this park. It’s compact, has 5 different walking trails of varying length, and it’s scenic. We like the spacing between sites and several do have privacy screening. All have the big patio area like the one we had at Crooked Lake State Park, with a table and fire pit. Most of the sites are electric and water only, half of which are 30 amp and half are 50.


The park is about a 30 minute drive to Tybee Island and its beach and even less to historic Savannah. A perfect location for partaking of the sights and activities offered in this area, yet being able to return home to a quiet, peaceful setting. Yes we do indeed like this place very much.


Tucker’s paw seems worse. Instead of limping he now hops on 3 legs, favoring the paw with the “broken toe.” It’s swelling is more pronounced than before, double the size it was. The campground recommended we take him to nearby Crossroad Animal Hospital. One of the park rangers’ takes her own pup there. We were able to get Tucker in right away this morning.

Tucker waits patiently for his name to be called.

Tucker waits patiently for his name to be called.

After a thorough exam and 2 x-rays of the affected paw, we’re still not certain what is going on BUT we do know his toe is not broken. The veterinarian  Dr. Melanie Bevere is being cautious. She believes it could be one of two things. First, and what were praying it is, is a dermatitis condition related to his allergies. Presently, that is what he is being treated for. He has a follow up visit scheduled in 2 weeks. He will also have another x-ray at that time. The second possibility is cancer. The toe would be amputated and a biopsy performed. Then, depending on the type of cancer, we would discuss our treatment options. The 3 of us choose to be optimistic.

Dr. Bevere and Dawn, a fulltime wanabee.

Dr. Bevere and Dawn, a fulltime wanabee.

One bright moment at the veterinary hospital, we are introduced to Dawn. She is an assistant in the office. We learn Dawn has hopes of becoming a road gypsy herself one day. She has been doing her research. We exchange information with her, our contact info in case we can be of help and we tell her about Escapees. The best RVing club there is. We talk a little about solo women RVers and BOF’s (Birds of a Feather), declaring a domicile, etc. We love to share bits about the full time lifestyle. We do hope Dawn stays in touch and keeps us abreast of her plans and progress.

Back at Skidaway I stop at the ranger station to discuss our situation with them. A 2 week stay is the maximum allowed at the majority of state parks, any state’s parks. She assures me the park will work with us. They understand that emergencies do arise occasionally and as long as they have an available site we are welcome to it for the duration of Tucker’s treatment, should it come to that. We are greatly relieved by this.

The rest of the day is gloomy and overcast with periodic sprinkles. It matches our mood.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………………

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6 thoughts on “Skidaway Island and Another Trip to the Doggie Doctor

  1. Cheri Peine

    Prayers for Tucker that he will be good as new in two weeks or less.
    Would love to visit the Savannah area someday so will enjoy reading about your time there.
    BTW one of our grandson’s is named Tucker. He will love the fact you have such a handsome Tucker as well.

    • Thanks Cheri, prayers are always appreciated. There’s lots to see & do in Savannah, we’ll barely scrape the surface but just maybe there’ll be something you read about here that will draw you to it.Your grandson is the first human we’ve heard of named Tucker, I’m sure our Tucker will get a kick out of that.

  2. We are hoping that in 2 weeks,Tucker will be much, much better! Prayers and positive thoughts headed your way! I am glad you found a vet who you connected with to take care of Tucker. Joe says vets are right up there with pediatricians!

    Joe and I stayed at Skidaway once. We had our very first tow behind trailer and a brand new 2003 Silverado truck. One of the days we were there we drove the truck into Savannah and tried to park in a parking garage. We got stuck…..the truck was too big! Beware of parking garages!

    Tybee Island is beautiful… the beach there!

    • Thank you for the kinds words for Tucker. We ‘re sorry but we did laugh about your truck and parking garage incident. Parking garage are two of those words that can also cause “the pucker factor” in our house. We’ve seen very few that can accommodate us & even then it’s usually the ground level only. I agree with you,Tybee Island is beautiful. We were there once before. We are planning to visit it again while we’re here. I don’t think it can compare with the lovely views you’ve been posting of Sedona though.

  3. Ruth

    Sending good thoughts your way. I know what it’s like to be worried sick about your 4 legged buddy. Hope all goes well.

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