Broken Bones on Jekyll Island


Entry to Jekyll Island

Entry to Jekyll Island


It was another one of those long travel days that we like so much. We drove an entire 47 miles to our next destination. We’re currently parked at Jekyll Island Campground on Jekyll Island. We have mixed feelings about this park.


Store & office

Store & office

On the plus side, we have a 50 amp full hookup site and the spacing between sites is almost adequate. Water pressure is excellent as is our Verizon connection. There’s a laundry with ample washers & dryers. It even has an over-sized washer for quilts or sleeping bags. That’s not something you usually find in campgrounds. However I must note here that one dryer and three washers were out of order. This facility is more about location than anything else. It’s on Jekyll Island where 65% of the island will always remain wild and natural. We can walk to Driftwood Beach. The walking/biking trails are the best we’ve seen anywhere and the historic district is conducive to walking. No heavy commercialization here.



On the minus side, this is an old, old state park campground and it looks it. It’s heavily wooded with Live Oaks. Because of that there’s no grass, the ground is carpeted with dead leaves that can be slick to walk on and if it rains, this park will be one large mud hole. Some of the sites appear to be level, ours is not. Satellite TV won’t work anywhere in the park, but there is cable hookups. The interior roads are poorly marked, narrow and have several unnecessary speed bumps. The leaves are so thick that you often can’t distinguish the road from the campsites. Some of the turns are pretty tight too. We think it’s overpriced ($35 per night) for the condition of the place but there isn’t many options in this area for an RV.

Our site

Our site


Don’s opinion? He says we went from the penthouse to the outhouse. So there you have it.


The bridge to Brunswick

The bridge to Brunswick




The day started with a trip to the veterinarians office on nearby Brunswick Island. Tucker has been limping for the past week. It’s not all that unusual for him. Being a Golden Retriever, he suffers from allergies, a common affliction for his breed. His allergy causes the pads of his paws to itch which in turn causes him to lick and chew on them, irritating the pads. Sometimes he aggravates his paws to the point where he limps. It passes in a day or two. This time the limp lingered and it appeared that one of the toes is swollen. Don inspected the pad with a flashlight and magnifying glass to see if perhaps a stone or burr had become embedded but he didn’t find anything.

IMG_2717-001          IMG_2718-001

After a thorough examination Dr. Cheek determined that Tucker had indeed broken the middle toe on his rear right paw. The vet told us that because of the location he couldn’t set it or wrap it. He informed us that it would heal on its own but that Tucker would continue to limp probably for another 4-6 weeks. He did give us a 2 week supply of pain pills for our boy to help with the discomfort and said to let Tucker decide for himself just how much activity he wants to participate in.

I want to mention here before I receive helpful comments from folks telling us what to do for Tucker’s allergies, that we do have a regime for him. Tucker’s diet is grain free, vet recommended food and treats. He takes Claritin twice a day and we use Epsom Salts soaks, Bag Balm and a prescription spray on his pads regularly.

Path to Driftwood Beach

Path to Driftwood Beach

Back on Jekyll Island, we returned Tucker to the Suite Pea, gave him a pain pill and left him to sleep while we took our first tour of the island. Riverview/Beachview Drive is the main road that circles around the entire island. We decided to drive the loop. We’d read about Driftwood Beach with its unique landscape of driftwood and windswept trees. A favorite location for photographers and weddings. Don thought it was beautiful. It certainly is……different.



We checked out two more of the remaining three beaches. Great Dunes, a typical Atlantic Ocean public beach and St. Andrews, somewhat of a cross between Driftwood and Great Dunes on the river side of the island. Whats nice about them is Tucker is welcome to join us.

A painters club at St. Andrews Beach

A painters club at St. Andrews Beach

IMG_2738-001          IMG_2740-001

St. Andrews has several upright trees with exposed roots. We found this intriguing.

St. Andrews has several upright trees with exposed roots. We found this intriguing.

We drove past the Historic District and the Horton House Ruins since our plans are to visit them another day.


The remainder of the day we spent relaxing outside and pampering the invalid.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…………………….




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4 thoughts on “Broken Bones on Jekyll Island

  1. I hope sweet Tucker will be up and running in short order.

    Your pictures are stunning….I agree with Don, the driftwood beach is awesome! Can you believe we have never been to Jekyll Island? It’s so cool to see artists at work and the last picture of the marsh is beautiful!

    • Gay it is hard to believe you’ve never been to Jekyll Island before, you being a Georgia gal & this being a popular tourist destination. Next time you’re back home, check it out. We walked 4 or 5 miles on Driftwood beach today & most of the way, we were the only 3 on it. The bonus part was Tucker could romp freely off leash. Your fur children would love it.

  2. Ruth

    I know you may get lots of ideas re Tuckers allergies. Did you try these foot booties. They are very light and don’t seem to bother the dogs at all. Our lab had grass allergies and it only bothered her feet so these were wonderful..

    • Ruth, thanks for the info. I checked out the Pawz dog boots you suggested and I do indeed think they will aid Tucker. Not only will they help with his allergies but I feel they will make him more comfortable walking on the crushed shell beaches we visit and on some of the paths where he’s inclined to get burrs in his pads. Excellent idea! Again, I thank you as does Tucker.

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