Crooked River State Park


We left St. Augustine Wednesday morning at 11:15 AM. A later start than normal for us but with a mere 94 mile drive to our next destination, we weren’t feeling any urgency. With a cold, rainy front moving into the area and a high winds advisory in effect, we had the worse fuel mileage since we began this lifestyle. The truck was getting barely 8 miles to the gallon. We could have waited it out another day I suppose but we were ready to find someplace quieter again. Next destination Georgia, just barely.

View of Crooked River and salt marshes. Taken from behind the park cabins.

View of Crooked River and salt marshes. Taken from behind the park cabins.



We took Exit 1 after crossing the state line and aimed the Suite Pea toward St. Marys, more specifically, Crooked River State Park. This is our first time staying in a Georgia state park and we were pleasantly surprised to learn we could drive through the campground to select a site of our own choosing. We were leaning toward the more open loop because of the Direct TV satellite system. We circled this loop twice with Don periodically getting out of the truck to check the satellite location via an app on his iPhone. A couple of maybes in this section but nothing he was ecstatic about. Having heard about this park from other full time bloggers, I had made notes on which sites they considered best. The two sites listed were in the loop the park ranger had said was more heavily wooded. Tired of  driving in circles, Don pulled off to the side of the road and suggested we walk over to the wooded loop and check out those sites. We both were glad we did. Although the first loop was attractive, this loop had the WOW Factor. Wide, deep sites with plenty of natural privacy screening between them and to the rear. At the back end of the site is a huge patio area with a table, fire pit and lantern rack. Ample room for Tucker to romp and chase his ball. Several of the sites had a clear shot of the southern sky through the tall pine trees. We selected one of the recommended sites and hung our tag on the post. Don returned with the Suite Pea and we were set up in no time.

Open Loop Cg.

Open Loop Cg.

Our site

Our site

IMG_2575          IMG_2578

Patio area

Patio area

We definitely give this place a 5 Star rating. Throw in the heavenly scent of pine wafting thru the air and the chirps from songbirds  nesting in the tall pines and this is what we’d call perfect. Perfectly peaceful, quiet and dark. Yes, it is so black here at night that I’m sure the star gazing would be fantastic if only we could see them through the rain and cloud cover. There’s time yet to check that theory before we move on.

Notice the shape of the tree's top. Guess which side faces the wind off the water?

Notice the shape of the tree’s top. Guess which side faces the wind off the water?

IMG_2588 The pine cones are huge in GA IMG_2587


The park sits on the Crooked River, a tidal river with salt marshes. The river separates the main land from Georgia’s barrier islands and the Cumberland Island National Seashore. It’s popular with canoeists and kayakers. Make sure you have a tide chart. Our intention is to visit the national seashore while here. Access to the area is by boat only. A ferry runs between St. Marys and Cumberland Island daily. Private boaters can also utilize Cumberland Island’s dock or they can beach their boat to gain access. The only transportation on the island is by foot or bike. We planned to walk. Planned being the key word.


Yesterday while trekking along the Nature Trail I stumbled over a hidden pine tree root and twisted my ankle. I hobbled back to the rig where I iced it, elevated it and tried my best to stay off it. It hurt like heck but I’m hoping I can nurse it along and have it ready to go by Monday.

Camp road

Camp road


When I awoke this morning, my ankle felt better. Stiff, sore, bruised, with just a little swelling, but better. I was able to put my weight on it. I told Don I wanted to test it before the rain returned. We followed the camp road until we reached the River Trail where we hiked to the river’s edge. It was a short easy hike. It started to sprinkle so we made our way back to the RV. The pedometer read 1.5 miles. Ankle didn’t feel any worse than when we’d ventured out so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be back to normal again come Monday.

View of the river from the trail.

View of the river from the trail.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid………………

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2 thoughts on “Crooked River State Park

  1. Happy Easter to you, Joe & the pups as well. We are indeed enjoying our stay in Georgia & have a few other stops planned before making our way to SC. I knew GA was your home state, in fact I’ve made note of a few stops I’ve gathered from your blog. Ankle is doing well, just tender at this point. Still intend to hike in CINS if its not too late to get our ferry tickets. Looking forward to updates on your travels & Joe’s progress.

  2. Happy Easter Gayle, Don and Tucker….
    You know I am from Georgia…so I am very glad to hear you are visiting there. Looks like you landed in a beautiful spot! Watch out for ticks though. I am not sure they are a bother this time of year or not. I sure hope your ankle is all better by Monday! I just hate it when I do one of those “clutzie” things!

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