Can’t Believe Its Been A Year Already?

Today is our 1st anniversary of living as road gypsies. It’s hard for us to believe we’ve been at this for a full year. Where did the time go?

Gayle’s Perspective

It’s been a year of paradoxes.  It’s been exciting and at times, it’s been boring.

It’s been great to reconnect with old friends and extended family. It’s been fun meeting new people and knowing that at least some of them will one day be “old” friends too.

It’s been difficult at times being away from our loved ones-missing out on birthdays and holidays or just sharing a simple meal with them.

It’s been joyful being able to share new experiences with our grandchildren, but sad seeing them leave us to return home.

It’s been nerve-wracking, like when our truck broke down, not once but twice. And yet, other times it’s been very peaceful, quiet and relaxing.

I’ve discovered I appreciate the rainy days as much as the sunny ones. They give me the opportunity to get caught up with my correspondence, balance the check book, or nap.

But with each new day and every new place has been filled with promise. New things to see, new things to do.

I’ve found that while Don likes staying for extended periods of time, especially near the coast, I become restless after a week or two and am ready to move on.

I’ve learned to adapt, compromise, and to relax on the housekeeping (these things don’t come easily to me.)

I know that I am enjoying doing what I’m doing and God willing, am able to continue doing it for some time.

Will we ever come off the road? Perhaps. I anticipate we will, one day,just not yet.


Don Says,

I can’t believe its been a year all ready,  a year of adjustments.  That’s the key word.  After working everyday and coaching softball,  I find there is more down time than I thought. I read a lot more, and have re-discovered my music,  and I am finally starting to settle in.   I find that I am starting to adjust to the lifestyle. Its taken most of our first year to do it.

I must say that this lifestyle is not for everyone.  Early on I had some thoughts that maybe this just wasn’t for me.  But the  more we travel, the more I love doing what we are doing.  We are very blessed to be able to travel in our fifth wheel wherever we want. I thank the good Lord every day for the ability to live this way.

Technology has allowed us to keep in touch with family and friends. Mail forwarding, banking on line, Facebook and Face Time have all been contributors to this lifestyle but I still miss the kids and grandkids.  There are other downsides too, fear of the unknown, is the biggest one.  I’m a worrier, and in the early part of our adventure it wore me down.  But as time goes on, I’m getting better.  I have found out that I like to stay in an area for awhile.  Gayle likes to move, move, move, and I’m the opposite. Compromising is a  must.


We have met a lot of new friends, and the world is not as big as I thought.  We constantly run into people who live in towns where we lived and worked.  We have traveled from Copper Harbor to Fort Myers and I have enjoyed something from every campground we’ve stayed at.  We have had some breakdowns, but I have also  learned that that is part of this lifestyle.  We will deal with life’s ups and downs as we travel this great country.  Overall our first year has been an awesome experience,  When I retired I dreamed of living on the beach, watching sunsets, listening to the waves crash on the shore, putting my toes in the sand.  I have done those things and I  love it so much.   I guess I’ve never met a beach I didn’t like.  So as we start year number 2,  there are new adventures out there, new things to do and see.  So, like Captain Kirk in the Starship Enterprise, these are the voyages of Starship Suite Pea. We plan  to explore new worlds, to seek out new life forms (we’ve already met some) and new civilizations, to boldly go where no RV’er has gone before………………………….God willing!!!!

Here’s lookin’ at you kid………………..

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