Laid Back Friday


Today was more laid back than the last couple of days have been.

We started our day with a morning stroll along the shore. It was a tad breezy when we began our walk, with only a few other souls out there with us. The majority of those were either walking like we were or riding their bikes just above the shoreline. Who could tire of exercising in such a beautiful setting? We did 2 miles then made our way back. At that time it was warming up and more people were arriving with beach chairs and other beach paraphernalia in hand.


Rather than return to camp, we drove to Anastasia State Park. The state park had been our first choice for camping this time but it was full so we couldn’t get in. We’d never been to Anastasia before, we made our choice based on RV park reviews. Being so close, we at least wanted to see it. It proved to be a good idea that we did. Upon investigating the campground loops we determined that we probably could have fit into some of those sites but the roadway, the tight turning radius and the heavily wooded campsites would have given Don the “pucker factor” and we do try to avoid that at all cost. So Pellicer Creek Campground really was an excellent choice for us.


After lunch and the Tiger baseball game of course, we picked up tangerines and boiled salted peanuts from one of those typical citrus stands that one finds just off the interstate throughout the state of Florida. The one we stopped at advertised baby gators for sale. My opinion is that it should be illegal to sell them to the general public. How many times have I read or saw on the news about a gator being turned out into a neighborhood pond upnorth to survive on it’s own? Imagine being the person who comes across that (pet) gator accidentally. Imagine if that person were a child. It happens. It happened one Summer near our old neighborhood in Greenwood, Indiana. Yes they are cute when they’re little but like everything else, they GROW.

IMG_2404  We saw several washed up jellyfish this morning.  IMG_2408

Next stop was Lowe’s. We’re in need of new boards, we use them to help us level our rig when necessary. We have only a few left and two of those are split. The nice thing about Lowe’s is they’ll cut it for us and they don’t charge extra to do it. We got lucky too. We found a new floor fan for Tucker. The first thing he did when we set it up was plop down in front of it and stretch out. It’s important to keep our fur child comfortable….and happy.

How about this for a beach house?

How about this for a beach house?

We’re eating dinner in tonight and planning our weekend. They’re calling for rain to arrive later on Saturday and stick around into Sunday. I think this will be a good time for us to grocery shop, do laundry and vacuum the Suite Pea. I’ll bribe Don to help by taking him out for a Cracker Barrel breakfast in the morning.


Here’s lookin’ at you kid………………

***To blog reader Mark, your comment went into our Spam file & I was unable to retrieve it. I did read it though  & appreciate the info. I’ve passed it along to the golfer in our household & he thanks you for it. We both are pleased you checked out our blog & hope to hear more from you in the future.

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4 thoughts on “Laid Back Friday

  1. What beautiful beach pictures!
    I like those laid back days! We have had quite a few of them since Joe’s surgery…he can’t get out in the sun! One more week to go till the stitches come out!

    • Hello Gay, I haven’t seen any updates on Joe’s surgery. I hope all went well. It can be pretty tough avoiding the sunlight when parked out in the southwest. I imagine it’s warming up quite a bit out there by now. Will you be heading north after Joe’s stitches are removed? I like those laid back days too, there are so few of them it seems. I find myself looking forward to rainy days for that very reason. It gives me a chance to get caught up with correspondence, etc. (or just nap.)

  2. Cheri Rae

    Gayle: I’ve been following your blog for several months now. My husband and I just retired and we are on our first long distance trip. I had to snicker at your comment about giving Don the “pucker factor”. While we have had good spots so far, I have a feeling I may come to know that look if we end up with one of the spots you described. We’ve already had some conversations about that. We love our new home and look forward to many good times and travels. Maybe our paths will cross someday.

    • Welcome to our blog Cheri. It’s nice to have you on board.Congratulations on yours & your husband’s retirements. Retirement has a way of encouraging folks to hitch up & travel this great country of us.So much to see & do. Happy to hear all has been going well for you in your travels. We have been fairly fortunate in our choice of campsites & travels thus far but there are a few words that do strike fear into Don’s heart, such as “state park campsite”, “Green River Gorge” & “Rocky Mountains”. HaHa I try not to use those words in sentences too often. Safe travels & let us hear from you again.

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