Beach Day


Woke the grandkids up at the break of dawn. It’s March, plenty of Snowbirds still in town and hoards of Spring Breakers are arriving daily, if you want a parking place you must get to the beach early. Everything had been loaded last night except for our drinks and lunch so into the cooler they went and off we went.

Sanibel Lighthouse

Sanibel Lighthouse

IMG_2108          IMG_2112



Brad and Maddy wanted to go shelling so Don chose to take us all to Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel Island. Sanibel is a shelling mecca and Lighthouse Beach is the top beach on Sanibel to find primo seashells because of its location on the island. Brad and Maddy had a good time riding the waves and doing the famous “Sanibel Stoop.”

IMG_2087          IMG_2118



Maddy even had what she termed “the experience of her life”. While she was wading in the waist deep water a dolphin brushed up against her, not once but twice. At first she was  frightened then quickly became delighted when she realized it didn’t mean her any harm. That dolphin and it’s mate caused quite a stir on the beach. They were swimming very close to shore and apparently one man didn’t know the difference between a dolphin dorsal fin and a shark’s, next thing you know he’s screaming “Shark! Shark!” at the top of his lungs. Thank the good Lord there wasn’t a panic! I did manage to take a few photos of the pair but they aren’t very good.


IMG_2099 You can see how close to shore they were. IMG_2096

Are these two seashelling of checking out the chicks in bikinis?

Are these two seashelling or checking out the chicks in bikinis?

Hours later, we stopped at Pinocchio’s for ice cream. “Are we having ice cream before we eat lunch?”, inquires Maddy. “Mom wouldn’t let us do that,” adds Brad. “Well I’m grandma and I say it’s alright.” Besides, what mom doesn’t know………………(You know the rest). It’s their first taste of Dirty Sand Dollar and they find it delicious. Not being a permissive grandmother, I only allow them 2 scoops each.


Grandpa thinks stopping on the Causeway Beach to eat our lunch would be fun, and so we do. Grandpa and I are both thrilled when the grandchildren tell us what a great time they are having and what a great lunch too adds Bradley. Isn’t that what every grandparent loves to hear?

IMG_2105 These little critters are everywhere. IMG_2114

By the time we arrived back at Seminole Campground (5ish) everyone including Tucker is ready for a nap and a little sun burned.


Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………….

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