Where Have All the Manatees Gone?



You can sure tell the temperatures are getting warmer. The manatees are no longer hanging out in droves at the hydroelectric plant’s canal. It looked for awhile like Brad and Maddy were going to be disappointed but then someone in the small crowd yelled, “There’s one!” It ended up that there were two, a cow with her calf.

IMG_0107          IMG_0105

IMG_0101          IMG_0090


We did spot a few more but nowhere near as many as Don and I had seen here back in mid January. At least it wasn’t a total bust and the grandkids were delighted by the few they did see. Brad spotted some Tarpons feeding in the canal that he got pretty excited about. Because of their dorsal fins, tarpons are sometimes mistaken for dolphins or shark. We kept an eye out for alligators as well. We did see some activity by the dock that overlooks the Orange River but it was unclear what had the fish in that area all agitated.

The Orange River

The Orange River

We warned the grandkids, if they acted up, there would be consequences.

We warned the grandkids, if they acted up, there would be consequences.

IMG_2072          IMG_2070

Next we took them to this areas biggest junk shop, er, I mean souvenir shop. They had a ball looking at the gator heads and the many shells on display. Grandpa and I both were very surprised when neither made a purchase. Seems they’re hanging onto their spending money until they visit the Everglades later this week. Good for them!


We picked up some lunch at McDonald’s and took it with us to eat at Eagle’s Landing. The aerie was a buzz today. Both parents were out of the nest and occasionally one would lift off. Such a sight to see! We did spot an eaglet peeking out over the rim of the nest. They don’t have their white head feathers yet.



Brad and Maddy are filling the remainder of their day either biking, at the pool or trying to catch chameleons.

IMG_2075          IMG_2074

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………IMG_0098

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2 thoughts on “Where Have All the Manatees Gone?

  1. What fun! Love the photos of the kids and Don with the gators! And am so happy you all saw at least a few manatees. I am most impressed with the eagle pictures….love the baby! It looks as if they were posing just for you!

    Tell Maddy I love her fingernails! Way cool….

    • We had a lot of fun with that gator, striking numerous poses. He was very cooperative. The eagles are right in town off the main drag. People gather there all the time to photograph them. The property owner has a camera focused on the nest & a website where you can watch the eaglets. It’s my understanding the babies will venture out in May. I’m sure that would be exciting to witness but we will have moved on by then. I passed the word onto Maddy, she was tickled that someone noticed them.

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