Welcome Family

My cousin Karla & her husband Larry are in Florida to visit Karla’s father (my uncle), Lloyd. After Karla’s arrival, Larry had arrived a few days prior, I got the call, “How about we get together?” Sounded good to Don & I as we always enjoy the time spent with the three of them.

We originally had thought we’d meet half way to chat over a meal somewhere but Larry & Karla decided they’d come all the way to us since they’d never been to this part of Florida before. So Friday morning after they’d had breakfast, uncle Lloyd, Larry & Karla drove in from Haines City.

We spent a couple of hours sitting on the patio soaking up the days warmth, which was vastly appreciated by Larry & Karla since they here from Michigan. We got caught up on family news & each others lives. We seldom get the opportunity to do this anymore unless there’s a wedding, or worse, a funeral. A pity too as Karla & I were very close growing up & shared so many fun times as kids.

It was getting close to dinner time so Don & I thought we’d take the family to Sanibel to eat at The Island Cow & to show them around the island. I teased Larry about looking like a tourist with the Hawaiian shirt & a camera around his neck. Even gave him a few pointers on how to change things up so he’d look like a local.

Larry, Karla, Don, me & uncle Lloyd at The Island Cow

Larry, Karla, Don, me & uncle Lloyd at The Island Cow

I think it took us longer to decide what we wanted to eat than it took for the actual consumption as the menu choices are quite extensive. Everyone ordered something different but all agreed that their choice was delicious from fish to seafood to steak. They liked the atmosphere too so I believe we scored a hit by suggesting we dine here.

Afterwards Don showed them Captiva island then stopped at Blind Mans Pass beach so he & Larry could get out to take a few photos of the rolling ocean waves. It was well after dark when we returned back to Seminole & our Suite Pea. With a 2-2 1/2 hour drive ahead of them, we said our goodbyes with plans being made for next years’ visit.

I’m glad Karla & Larry thought to visit us while they were down. It sure was great seeing them again.

By the way Karla, if you’re reading this, Happy 59th Birthday! Love you!

Here’s lookin’ at you kid………………….

>>>>>Welcome aboard Pearl. Nice to have you checking in on us & our travels. We’ve added your blog to our reading list & do look forward to our paths crossing one day. Until then, safe travels.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Family

  1. It’s always fun connecting with family. Glad you had a nice visit.

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