Friends, Relaxation and a Decision Made

Suwannee River

Although we’ve been busy this past week not much has been blog worthy.



We’ve been involved with either park activities, golf lessons (for Don), or doing mundane chores. One of those chores was gathering  our tax information together & submitting it to our CPA for tax preparation. OH HOW I HATE DOING THIS! Biannually since we purchased our fifth wheel, we’ve had to battle the IRS about using the Suite Pea as a tax deduction. Yes, I said biannually as every other year the tax deduction is never questioned. What’s up with that? Filing our taxes should be simple enough by now for us to prepare ourselves but since Don was still employed for part of 2013 & we have different tax codes for the 2 states we resided in for 2013, we decided it was best to leave our tax return filing in the hands of someone more qualified & capable than ourselves.



One bright spot this past week was on Friday when we had our friends Brenda & Bogie over for a cookout. Don grilled whiskey marinated steaks to go along with the potato salad & mixed bean salad I had made earlier in the day. The steaks were tender & grilled to perfection. Afterwards, knowing that peach cobbler was a favorite dessert of Brenda’s, Don made some in his Dutch oven cooked over the firepit. Our neighbor Jack had just returned from a day of fishing on the Caloosahatchee River so we invited him & Suzanne over to join us. It was a very relaxing & pleasant evening shared with old friends & new.


Speaking of new friends, several of the folks we’ve wintered with here at Seminole have already rolled out of the campground. Lots of goodbyes & see ya next winter being said. Actually of the 128 sites in Seminole Campground, 37 rigs left. The biggest exodus though will be at the end of March.


We did reach a decision about next Winter’s stay. After much discussion we’ve agreed to return to Seminole again. Having notified the park of that decision & paying our deposit, we were able to select an available site  of our own choosing. A site we hope will be quieter since it’s further away from the activity building (& the boys behind us who possess 5 little yappers & LOVE disco music.)


Hope your past week has been as relaxing as ours & thanks for stopping by.


Here’s lookin’ at you kid…………………………..


All of the photos in today’s blog were taken during our Florida travels.

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3 thoughts on “Friends, Relaxation and a Decision Made

  1. Love your blog. Since Casablanca is my all-time favorite movie, it caught my eye. We didn’t make it to Florida this year. It is our first snowbird trip from Colorado and we got sidelined by both weather and wine in the Southwest. We are going back to our house in May, but considering doing this full time. I wiill enjoy reading your take on this adventure from now on. I have a small blog as well at Maybe someday our paths will cross.


  2. You have taken some beautiful photos Gayle! Thanks for sharing the beach….I do miss it sometimes!
    If and when we ever do happen to be close enough for a visit, you can tell Don I will be wanting some of the peach cobbler!
    I am a wee bit envious as we can’t make any decisions….maybe here, maybe there…warm weather and no mosquitoes are two of the driving forces that help us decide. I’m pushing for Southern California!
    We have had a wonderful week…we are heading back to Tucson tomorrow for yet another MH upgrade….a new M&G braking system for Pearl (our Jeep). And from there, who knows?!?!?!

    • Thank you Gay for the compliment. Photo taking for me is pretty much hit or miss. As for the peach cobbler, I’m sure we can accommodate you on that. Don should have it perfected by then. He’s been wanting to try blackberry cobbler & other desserts too. I’m a willing guinea pig, how about you? I agree with you on wanting to escape the mosquitoes although I must say we haven’t been bothered by them much, surprisingly so since it’s been humid & Seminole Cg. is situated on a creek. Have safe travels on your way to Tucson. Hopefully the weather will be pleasant.

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