A Beach Day, Our Anniversary and a Visit With Our Kids

Bowmans Beach

Bowmans Beach

Perfect day for the beach!

Weatherman called for clear skies, abundant sunshine & comfortable temperatures. We loaded up the truck with all of our beach paraphernalia, packed a cooler & off we went. Destination, Sanibel Island.

Bowman's Beach on Sanibel Island


We chose to visit a different beach on the island rather than our usual City Beach. This time it was Bowman’s Beach. Bowman’s is located at the northern tip of Sanibel before crossing Blind Mans Pass over to Captiva Island.  I’m glad we decided to do this. The beach was cleaner meaning not as many shells. That’s okay with me as I’m about shelled out. The water was clearer too & a prettier pale green color. City Beach’s water is brownish from all the sand being carried to & fro with the waves. For Don, my pack mule, the downside was that he had to walk further with his load to reach the beach. I have a solution for that….a collapsible beach wagon. I’ll even let my old pack mule pick it out.

First there's a path, a boardwalk over Blind Mans Pass, then this.

First there’s a path, a boardwalk over Blind Mans Pass, then this.

Tucker loves going to the beach with us. He gets lots of attention here. Adults as well as children come up & ask if they can pet him. We’ve frequently heard from people about their beloved Golden’s that have passed away & their reluctance to get another because of the heartbreak of losing them. We always listen with a sympathetic ear. We understand. We’ve been there. For Tucker though, all he understands is he’s being doted on.

Beach Babes

Beach Babes

"Hey Baby, how's about some heavy petting?"

“Hey Baby, how’s about some heavy petting?”

After having spent 4 hours of basking in the sun’s rays our stomachs ceased being satisfied by water & pop. We knew the Island Cow was a great place to have breakfast or lunch since we’ve eaten there many times before. One of the days lunch specials was Grouper &/or shrimp tacos. We both chose the combo plate. The meal comes with the Island Cow’s unique take on a beans with rice side. It was all delicious.

Beach Day     2 Island-Cow

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day just happens to be our wedding anniversary day.  Our 29th. Lord, thank you for delivering me a man who could put up with me lo those many years.

We celebrated by going out for steak, prime rib for me, & drinks. Later we walked over to the clubhouse to listen to a steel drum band & sample desserts that the campground had catered in. Our table was packed. We sat with Jack & Susan, Wally & Norma, & Carol & Pat. Great conversation. Then someone started the Limbo…………..


Our daughter Leslie, her husband Jeff & our granddaughter Ava had been in The Keys for the past week. Leslie stood up as Matron of Honor in a wedding & Ava was one of the flower girls. Saturday was the only opportunity for all of us to get together. The kids had to surrender their Islamorada condo by 10 am but their flight didn’t leave until 8 pm that night. We all agreed to meet for lunch somewhere near the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International airport. Don & I made the 2 hour trek across the swamp early so we could scout out a restaurant.

With the airport being only a few miles west of the Atlantic we thought we’d look for a waterfront restaurant with outdoor seating in which to dine. As we were heading in that direction I recognized the name of a place I have listed on my Excel file. (My Excel file has every state in the union including Washington DC on it. I have columns under each state with information on places to stay, attractions to visit, places to dine, etc.)  Funny thing is, I normally have notes next to each item on my Excel file as why I’d like to go there or why I liked the place. I didn’t have any notation at all next to Dania Beach: Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlour. That’s odd.


I suggested we stop to get a scoop of ice cream, we hadn’t eaten anything  since early that morning & we’d both commented on being hungry. Don parked the truck & in we went. First impression was WOW! What a cool place!  Don & I were seated in a booth & given menus. The parlour served food as well. We readily agreed that this would be the perfect choice to have our meal with the kids so Don called Leslie to see how far away they were. Not far at all as it turned out. We told the waiter to give our booth to someone else & asked the hostess if she would secure us a table for 5. I went back to the truck to get the camera while Don waited outside to flag down the kids.

A bowl of popcorn is offered when seated

A bowl of popcorn is offered when seated

Jaxson’s is an old fashioned ice cream parlour & restaurant. It holds an extensive collection of both rural American memorabilia & automobile license plates.




Jaxson’s founder Monroe Udell established this place 58 years ago. The Udell family moved to South Florida in 1946 bringing with them decades of old recipes for ice cream & food. The ice cream & toppings are made fresh daily on site. All of the delectable frozen concoctions come topped with real whipped cream. Problem is, the choices are numerous. How does one decide? And the servings, you can see for yourself. Ava’s eating a kid-sized sundae in the photo.

Ava & her kid-sized chocolate sundae

Ava & her kid-sized chocolate sundae

Check out the banana split being served at the next table

Check out the banana split being served at the next table

Jeff, Leslie & I were pleased with our meal choices. Jeff had  the foot long bacon & cheese chili dog, Leslie the turkey Reuben with slaw instead of kraut & I had the foot long Chicago dog walked thru the garden. Only Don was disappointed. He’d ordered the Asian salad with fried won tons but said it lacked flavor. He made up for it with his chocolate peanut butter sundae. Jeff helped Ava eat her sundae while Leslie & I kept ours simple. A scoop of cookie dough for her & an old fashioned chocolate malted for me.

Jeff     My Chicago-style hotdog

This was a fun place & we’d recommend it to anyone passing through the Fort Lauderdale area.

IMG_1795     IMG_1798

Still having time to kill, we drove to John Lloyd State Park beach. The beach has seen some serious erosion. It’s 2 tiered, the water was  2 shades of blue. A lighter teal toward shore & a deep gorgeous blue beyond. It was beautiful! And warm. Warm enough to wade out into it. Ava had a ball with grandpa,  laughing every time a wave hit her.

IMG_1820     IMG_1821

Jeff, Ava & Leslie

Jeff, Ava & Leslie


It truly was a nice visit with our children. All too soon they had to switch into their winter apparel & leave for the airport where they’d board a plane headed back to frigid & snowy Lower Michigan.

Little Orphan Ava

Little Orphan Ava

IMG_1826     IMG_1828     IMG_1829

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………….


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3 thoughts on “A Beach Day, Our Anniversary and a Visit With Our Kids

  1. Ava is an absolute doll! I love the last picture…Little Orphan Ava! I would say you picked the perfect place for lunch.

    And the last picture of Tucker should be published! Just beautiful!

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