Cooler Weather

It’s been a while since our last update so I figured it was time to get everyone caught up . I must admit that I’m a little embarrassed to say this considering what so many of our friends & family are dealing with BUT it’s been too stinking cold to do much sightseeing or beach going this past week. For that reason we’ve been staying close to home.

Brenda & Bogie

Brenda & Bogie

We did meet some old coworkers & good friends for dinner one evening. David (Bogie) & Brenda Bogie, Allison retirees like us, are snowbirds from Indiana. They have a place about an hour’s drive from here in Venice. We decided to meet half way in Punta Gorda at Laisley’s Crab House on Port Charlotte Harbor. We hadn’t seen each other in some time & it sure was good to catch up. In fact, we spent a good hour or so after the dishes had been cleared just chatting. Even though I had taken my camera along in my purse, once again I was so caught up with our visit that I forgot to get pictures. (An old one will have to do for now.) We do have plans to hook up again while we’re down here so I’ll have another chance then of capturing the Bogies on film.

Another Day



There’s a Realtor just a few miles west of us who has a Bald Eagle’s aerie on his acreage.  This gentleman is kind enough to allow folks like us access to his land so that we may ogle at the birds & take photographs. He has even installed a web cam near the nest & set up a website so everyone can enjoy watching the nesting pair with their little eaglets.  The website is

It is such a joy to observe these beautiful, majestic birds. We’ve grown accustom to searching for them each time we pass by. To date though, we haven’t been fortunate enough to see the adults fly. We keep hoping though.




The Fort Myers RV show is going strong right now. Yesterday was its first day, it will continue through Sunday. Don had read there would be several south Florida RV parks with kiosks in the main showroom. He said it would be a good opportunity for us to check out other parks for future reference. It was cool but the sun was out so that helped quite a bit when we perused the outside exhibits. Namely new RVs. We checked out the Newmar class A’s, the Montana & Silhouette 5th wheels & of course, the Mobile Suites. It’s always a good feeling to walk out of RV exhibits believing that the new ones still can’t compete with the one we have. I guess it’s true what the full timers always say, “Buy your third RV first.” It’ll certainly save you money & headaches in the long run.

The rest of our time has been filled with park activities. There really is something for everyone here & we’ve met so many very nice people. We can often be found just sitting outside of our Suite Pea visiting with other full timers & snowbirds.

Tonight there’s a potluck dinner followed by karaoke. I wonder if Don can be persuaded to entertain us?

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………….

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One thought on “Cooler Weather

  1. Oh my, the bald eagle is magnificent!
    Sorry to hear the weather isn’t cooperating, but sounds like you haven’t let it slow you down!

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