Manatee Springs

The conservation officer I talked to said the manatees were in the spring & the best time for viewing was in the morning.

I was so filled with anticipation, like a tiny tot on Christmas morning, I woke Don at 6 am to go see the manatees. “We’ll eat something on the way”, I told him. Don said he hadn’t seen me this excited about seeing something since Disney World.

IMG_1029  Cypress knees  IMG_1027

He’d barely had the truck parked & I was out of my seat & gone…headed for Manatee Spring. I made my way down to the edge & looked, & looked, & looked. No manatees.

Manatee Spring The largest spring flowing directly into the Suwannee River.

Manatee Spring
The largest spring flowing directly into the Suwannee River. From Dec.-March manatees make their way into  the constant 72 degree spring for its warmth.

Okay maybe they’re making their way down the tributary that runs between the spring & the Suwannee River. I followed the boardwalk stopping at each viewing deck , peering deeply & longingly into the crystal clear waters below. Nary a ripple. Hmm, I have no idea where Don & Tucker are.


Suwannee River


I continue further along the boardwalk ending at the pier that juts out into the Suwannee River. It’s hauntingly beautiful here. I never imagined the Suwannee to be this lovely, this wild, this wide. We’re here so early that the fog is still rising from the water. Don finally catches up to me.


Suwannee River

We see Turkey Vultures, a Great Egret, turtles & a school of  Long Nose Gar. We see deer, squirrels & a Cormorant. No manatees. I am so disappointed. Don offers to take me to Sea World. “It’s not the same thing”, I tell him.

IMG_1012               IMG_1072

IMG_1077               IMG_1034

Four hours later & the only manatee we’ve seen………….


…………is this little fella.

We are glad we came though. This is truly an alluring place.


Here’s lookin’ at you kid………………………

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2 thoughts on “Manatee Springs

  1. I’m sorry…maybe you can go back? I do agree it is a beautiful river. Love the way you captured the fog lifting off the water. And the resurrection flower on the oaks is beautiful too.

    • Hi Gay,
      No, we won’t be going back to Manatee Springs anymore on this pass through town. We still have much to do & running short on time. We’re hoping we’ll see manatees in the wild at the next spring we visit.I remember you had a post on Resurrection plants, that’s where I first learned about them. I’ve noticed them in several places since. I love seeing that & the Spanish moss in the oaks, don’t you?

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