A Piece of Old Florida


We had thought Apalachicola was cool but that was before we discovered Cedar Key.


IMG_0977          IMG_0965

Scenes heading into town

IMG_0970  IMG_0963  IMG_0966  IMG_0961

IMG_0968  IMG_0960  IMG_0964  IMG_0863

IMG_0958  Loved this little camper.  IMG_0959

This unique 200 year old fishing village has remained virtually unchanged for decades. You’ll find no McDonald’s or Walmart here, only small mom & pop shops. Internationally known for its seafood, particularly it’s clams, the restaurants in town offer a smorgasbord of culinary seafood delights. We dined at the Pickled Pelican shortly after arriving. We’d heard about an unusual dish that was served here & I was dying to taste it. My Cedar Key Heart of Palm Salad consisted of a bed of iceberg lettuce topped with sliced peaches, pineapple chunks, chopped heart of palms & dates. In the middle was a large scoop of ice cream dressing made with peanut butter, mayonnaise & vanilla ice cream. The whole concoction was delicious. Tucker liked the Pickled Pelican too. Not only could he sit with us while we dined but he was the first one greeted & the waitress immediately brought him a bowl & his own pitcher of cold water.

Pickled Pelican up top, Black Dog Bar underneath

Pickled Pelican up top,
Black Dog Bar underneath

Sign at the entry to the Pickled Pelican

Sign at the entry to the Pickled Pelican

IMG_0874               Heart of Palm salad with peanut butter mayo ice cream dressing

Scenes from Dock Street


IMG_0972  IMG_0853  IMG_0975


Cedar Key is only one of a number of Keys that is separated from the mainland & each other by salt water marshes & mud flats. Dock Street & 2nd Street are the main drags upon which the majority of businesses can be found, most are housed in eclectic old buildings. Dock street on the waterfront, houses the majority of the village restaurants, bars & souvenir shops. Key businesses such as the post office, visitors center & library can be found on 2nd. The Island Hotel & Restaurant, established in 1859 also on 2nd St.,  is listed on The National Registrar of Historic Buildings.

City Park Beach

City Park Beach

The historic Island Hotel & Restaurant

The historic Island Hotel & Restaurant

Scenes from 2nd Street

IMG_0880  Street sign  IMG_0856  IMG_0855


IMG_0857  Spotted this sign at where else but the library.  IMG_0866-001

Depending on the time of year you visit, the village hosts several different festivals. Some of the most popular ones are the Annual Old Florida Celebration of the Arts, the Cedar Key Seafood Festival, the Pirate Festival & the Christmas in the Park lighted boat parade. We arrived in Cedar Key in the nick of time to partake of the Christmas celebration. This was a distinctly special treat for us, bringing in Christmas on the waterfront park with fireworks followed by a boat parade decked out in holiday decorations & lights. Many of the boaters serenaded those of us on shore with Christmas carols. The parade culminates with Santa Clam (not a typo) arriving by air boat to city beach where throngs of children clamor to greet him. The town then holds a Pitch-In dinner at the beach where all are invited to attend.

Village Christmas tree at City Park where Santa Clam comes ashore

Village Christmas tree at City Park where Santa Clam comes ashore

IMG_0890          IMG_0886          IMG_0885  Do you detect a decorating theme here for Christmas?

IMG_0899  IMG_0909  IMG_0953  IMG_0913


The man of the hour arriving

The man of the hour arriving

IMG_0935  IMG_0940  IMG_0942  IMG_0945

We love the friendly, kitschy retro vibe of Cedar Key & are enchanted by its charm.


Cedar Key RV Resort site #37 @ Cedar Key, Florida

While we are visiting the area we will be  parked at the Cedar Key RV Resort about 6 miles from town. It’s a relatively new facility, about 4 years old & very well maintained & landscaped. Although its slightly more a night than what we budget, taking advantage of the weekly rate & our Passport America membership makes our stay here doable.

Office, clubhouse & pool

Office, clubhouse & pool


Don likes the amenity of a heated pool while I enjoy walking up & down each lane goggling at the palms & oaks laden with Spanish moss. We’ve found everyone to be very friendly & have been invited to join them in potluck dinners. A great way for us to make new friends.


Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………………

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2 thoughts on “A Piece of Old Florida

  1. Looks like you have found a little piece of Florida heaven! Love the colorful old shops and restaurants, but especially love how dog friendly it is there! I’m sure Tucker is the most well-read pup there! Nice park too…enjoy!

  2. Looks like a great little spot and dog friendly to boot….doesn’t get much better 🙂

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