Family Potpourri


With Bobbi-Leigh pulling a 14 hour shift today & everyone still waiting for Kristi, Brad & Maddy to return from their trip to NYC, it was a slow, quiet day. A good day to finish wrapping Christmas presents & get the gifts that need to be mailed out ready to ship. Doing laundry was a priority. No one was anxious to venture out into the bitter cold temperatures especially with that northwest wind blowing in.


Up & out the door early to have breakfast at Bob Evans. Having mixed feelings about eating out at a restaurant on this day. We both strongly feel that all restaurants & stores should be closed today so families can be together. That being said, if we want to enjoy the company of our youngest daughter on this Thanksgiving, we will be forced to eat out since corporate is forcing her to work. When did Thanksgiving stop being about God’s Blessings & Bounty & sharing them with family & friends, but instead became a day of worshiping shopping, spending & the almighty dollar? Just another indicator of what’s going wrong with this country. Okay, I’ve had my say.

After breakfast we swung by Jason & Kristi’s house for a short visit before they loaded up the car & drove to Jason’s side of the family for their feast. Kristi & the kids returned home safe but tired late yesterday. Mom, Don & I wanted to hear all about the trip & even more so about Brad’s prognosis & treatment. We remain hopeful.

Back at ma’s, Don didn’t waste anytime at all getting the telly tuned to the Detroit Lions football game. Since we both were born & raised in the Detroit area we both grew up with the Big Game being a part of our families’ Thanksgiving Traditions. To his & my mother’s delight, the Lions won. First time they’ve won on Thanksgiving Day in 9 years. After the game we once again returned to Bob Evans for our Thanksgiving dinner so that we could sit down to eat with Bobbi.

Being a manager, dealing with the restaurant being open today & trying to put together Lord knows how many farm house feasts that customers had ordered either for pick up or delivery has taken its toll on Bobbi this week. She looks & sounds awful. When today’s’ shift is over for her, she will have put in another  long shift, 21 hours to be exact. This following behind 14 hours yesterday. I will be so delighted when she completes her degree & either moves up into corporate or moves on.


Don is spending the morning at Bobbi’s old house in Moorseville painting. She’s trying to get the residence ready for sale & had been repainting the rooms in neutral colors. She’d asked Don to help her finish the chore since she’s not had much free time. (Bobbi is currently working 2 jobs & taking college courses.) While dad was tackling that job, Bobbi & I were going to decorate her tree but first Bobbi had a doctor appointment scheduled.

Bobbi has bronchitis. Wonderful. I gave her the mom lecture on taking her meds until they are gone, getting enough water, vitamin C & sleep, etc., etc. And par for the course, I’m certain that it went in one ear & out the other.

We tried to figure out how best to access the tree to decorate with Carole Town set up underneath. It was decided that with the lights, pine cones & berries already upon her Christmas tree, all it really needed was the star on top. Next year, we won’t do this bass ackwards. By this time Don had finished the painting & met up with us at Bobbi’s. To take advantage of our undivided time & attention Bobbi put us to work, I unwrapped plates & worked on wall layouts for them & her framed pictures. Dad had the task of hanging everything up on the walls. Bobbi was very pleased with the result & stated that now her new place was beginning to look & feel like home.

While this was going on ma cooked a roast complete with carrots, potatoes & gravy. A garden salad & garlic bread was added to the meal. The 3 of us returned to enjoy this hearty feast & were pleasantly surprised to find that Kristi, Brad, Gabby & Ian would be joining us. Jason was chaperoning a roller skating outing that Maddy was attending. It was a relaxing evening of visiting & losing at Yahtzee to the grandkids.


A small outdoor portion of Bloomington's Farm Market

A small outdoor portion of Bloomington’s Farm Market. There’s more beyond here & in building at left.

I met Kristi, Jason & the grandkids at McDonald’s for breakfast before the 7 of us headed to downtown Bloomington’s Farm & Holiday Market. Don opted not to go so he could clean out my mothers eaves since it was going to be a nice day. Lots of sunshine with a high of 52 degrees, this was the opportunity he’d been waiting for.

Ian with Santa

Ian with Santa

Bloomington has always had a nice farm market. There’s more offerings than just seasonal produce & baked goods. Meats, eggs, flowers & herbs are staples. The local Amish, wineries, & honey farm offers goods. One can find homemade soaps, candles, vinegars, jams & jellies. Even the local animal shelter brings adoptable cats & dogs for folks to pet. The fresh brewed coffee stand & the popped on site kettle corn booths are generally packed with people making purchases. This is just a few of the items sold here regularly. I could go on & on. I do like coming here to shop whenever I’m in town. This Saturday had additional delights for the upcoming holidays. We all reveled in seeing live reindeer & being permitted to pet them. Santa Claus of course was the man of the hour. Ian was happy to whisper his wish list into Santa’s ear but Gabby shied away, refusing to approach him. Local artisans had their creations on display & for sale. Blown glass, iron works, tin & wood creations, jewelry, wreaths & so much more. One booth had bird ornaments made from tiny gourds that I found irresistible. Even more difficult was choosing just one to buy. I sought help from Brad & Kristi for this. Eventually we reached the end of the market & parted ways with Kristi’s family off to cut down their Christmas tree (an old family tradition), & I to return to mom’s & begin packing.

IMG_0297   My bird ornament   IMG_0298

We  all converged on Kristi  & Jason at the appointed hour for us to give out our Christmas presents to everyone. Unfortunately between the time they had cut down their tree & our arrival this evening, Kristi was suddenly taken ill by the flu. She was in bed with chills, nausea & fever. Don & I were greatly disappointed that she was unable to participate & even more so when we said our goodbyes & couldn’t hug nor kiss her farewell lest we catch the flu too.

IMG_0303          IMG_0310

IMG_0312          IMG_0317

IMG_0307   I love messing with Brad. His lump of coal with a surprise hidden underneath.   IMG_0308

It was Maddy’s turn to play Santa this year so while the rest of us took a seat, Maddy handed out gifts. One of the gifts each grandchild receives from us at Christmas is a tree ornament. This tradition began with the birth of our first grandchild & will continue until each one reaches adulthood. Each & every ornament is selected personally for that child to commemorate an event in their life or something they are fond of that year. This tradition not only gives each child ornaments to decorate their own Christmas tree with when they leave home but the trees will hold a lifetime of memories for them as well. Just maybe they will think of us with every ornament they hang when we are no longer around. A nice way to be remembered I think.

Maddy went to North Carolina with her BFF this year.

Maddy went to North Carolina with her BFF this year.

Brad rode the ferry to see Lady Liberty.

Brad rode the ferry to see Lady Liberty.

After gifts were opened we pigged out on pizza & bread sticks. The little ones played with the new toys while the rest of us visited.  When we left it was with sadness in our hearts knowing that this will be the first time we’ll be apart at Christmas & it will be several months before we see each other again.

Our favorite grandpup Miss Lily Belle

Our favorite grandpup Miss Lily Belle


Don & I pulled out of Ellettsville at 7 am. We drove straight through stopping only for gas & lunch. With good weather, little traffic & no construction zones, we made better time on our return trip. 12 hours. Boy are we exhausted! Better get some sleep, we have much to do in the upcoming 3 days before we pack up & head further south.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid………………

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One thought on “Family Potpourri

  1. You have sure been busy and blessed! It sounds like you had a great time with family. I love your bird ornament! And all the smiling faces…

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