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Don & I visited with our daughter Bobbi at her place after she returned from church. She wanted dad’s help at getting her Christmas tree up & lit so she & I can decorate it Friday when she’s off work. She had taken Don’s Carole Town village when we went on the road & wanted help with setting it up. Quite a chore when you consider all the buildings & pieces that make up the village. The two of them started unpacking all the boxes to it & discussed a layout. Don laid out the “slopes” & “snowy ground” while I loved on Bobbi’s kitty, Mooch. Mooch used to be mine but he wasn’t a happy camper so Bobbi graciously took him in & gave him a home. Being a lovable cat, he’s good company for her. Since Bobbi had to work today we left before the village was completed. We also needed to get cleaned up as we were meeting some dear old friends for dinner.

IMG_0289     IMG_0290

We had reservations to meet at The Nashville House in Nashville, a popular Brown County, Indiana tourist destination. The restaurant is known far & wide for its fried chicken & fried biscuits served with apple butter. Although dinner was scheduled for 5 pm, with all the catching up we did, we ended up being the last guests to leave. Our tight group of 8 have been together so long we’re like family. We cherish each & every one of them & the time we can spend together.

Kathy Needy, Kim & Jim Werner, Rich & Twana Messer, me, Don, & Ed Needy

Kathy Needy, Kim & Jim Werner, Rich & Twana Messer, me, Don, & Ed Needy


Another day spent back in our old town of Greenwood. This is the last of all our appointments. Dental cleanings & check ups in the morning with another doctor visit in the afternoon. With time to kill in between I treated Don to lunch at one of his local favorites, Lindo Mexico. I scored a few Brownie points with this move. A couple more errands run & we were back on the road to Ellettsville & my mothers. We’re happy to have all our running to appointments over.

We heard from daughter Kristi in NYC today. Brad had his first dose of Ketamine this morning. He tolerated the first dose but the second dose made him feel dizzy, slightly nauseous & sleepy. Not unusual. Within 30 minutes the symptoms were wearing off. Thursday Brad will receive another dose. The goal is to build up his tolerance to the side effects until he achieves a therapeutic dose. With each new dose he should experience side effects less & less.  As Brad walked out the door of the doctor’s office, he exclaimed that he felt “happy & great!” GOOD NEWS!!!!


Mom asked me to accompany her while she Christmas shopped. Her goal is to have it completed before all the nuts hit the stores this Friday. Don felt this was a good opportunity for him to finish setting up Carole Town for Bobbi. Since she was already at work, he let himself in & diligently set about finishing the project so she would be surprised when she returned home that night.


It didn’t take ma long to finish the task at hand since she knew what she wanted to purchase & where best to buy it. She thought it’d be nice for us to drop in at Bobbi’s restaurant for lunch & surprise her. I spent much of the remaining day wrapping the presents we brought to give to family next Saturday. That is when we’ll be celebrating Christmas since we won’t be here next month.

Here's lookin' at you kid.............

Here’s lookin’ at you kid………….

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One thought on “Family & Friends

  1. You have made this most difficult…the Christmas tree and Carole Town, Tucker or all the happy faces at the restaurant…but, Tucker wins out…what a wonderful picture! I’m sure Bobbi was thrilled and thankful! That looks like some arranging!

    I’m glad you are having a great time…

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