Thanksgiving Comes Early


Upon our arrival to my mothers’, I sent the girls a text to inform them that we had arrived safely but after such a long day of driving & the late hour, we were too tired to visit. We unloaded the leased Impala & went to bed.


Morning came all too soon after a poor night of sleep. Ma’s guest room has a full sized bed. Pretty tight quarters for 2 grown adults, throw in a 90 lb. Golden Retriever who insists on sleeping between us because he’s afraid grandma’s kitty cat might get him & there’s plenty of tossing, turning, & jockeying for position going on. Neither Don nor I had the heart to make Tucker sleep on the floor because yesterdays drive had been long for him as well. (He’s not spoiled.)

We left the house by 7:50 as Tucker had a 9 am vet appointment & we had to drive an hour to get there. It’s time for our Golden Boy’s yearly check-up & shots. Don & I both had appointments scheduled with our family doctor immediately following the vet. I swear we spend an equal amount of time visiting with our doctor as we do with having our health evaluations. Don & I must make some changes to our diet & walking program. Age & hereditary factors are catching up to us, no escaping them. Hopefully we’ll see improvements to our cholesterol & triglyceride counts when we’re tested again next April.

Being back in our old home town, we needed to run a few errands after our doctor visit. One of our stops was Verizon. Don replaced his iPhone that I had run over with the truck & made changes to our Verizon plan. Now that we’ve been full timing for 7 months we have a better grasp on our data usage. With just a little tweaking our monthly bill should be $40-50 less. A nice chunk of change.

I strongly suspect that Don’s insistence at waiting until we came home to deal with Verizon at this particular store had absolutely nothing to do with familiarity as he claims but more to do with this Verizon’s location…..right next door to Guitar Works.

I believe Don started strumming a guitar around the time he took his first step. He played in a couple of bands in his younger days & occasionally picked/sang a tune in church. Then he became so deeply entrenched with coaching girls travel & high school softball he seldom played the guitar anymore. He didn’t have the time.

Prior to us moving into the Suite Pea Don sold his old Ovation. He felt we didn’t have the space to carry something he’d rarely touched in years. Now that he’s retired he has time on his hands that he doesn’t know what to do with. He enjoys fishing & golfing but those activities are infrequent due to cost &/or our location. He says he can only read, walk & bike just so much. He’s been thinking about getting another guitar & dropping not so subtle hints about it & his fast approaching birthday. (you know where this is going don’t you.) Suffice it to say, Don didn’t leave Guitar Works empty handed. He now is the owner of a good, used guitar. (Happy early Birthday dear.)

On our return trip we stopped off at our daughter Kristi’s to visit with her & 4 of our grandchildren. Our son-in-law Jason is in San Diego on business & isn’t expected back until late evening. The noise volume is always high when we visit with each grandchild vying for our attention at the same time. They all had something new to share. Eventually we did get up to speed with all 4. Too soon we had to leave, our youngest was meeting us back at the house for pizza after she got off work.

I wrapped up the evening by making 2 pans of my grandmothers cornbread. It’ll be the basis of our Thanksgiving stuffing.


Tucker's waiting for some turkey to fall his way.

Tucker’s waiting for some turkey to fall his way.

Today is our family’s Thanksgiving feast. Daughter Bobbi is a restaurant manager, she was recently informed that for the first time ever, her restaurant would be open all day on Thursday so that all of the boneheads that just NEED to Christmas shop on the one day a year set aside by our government as a National holiday to gather with loved ones & Give Thanks to Our Lord for all of our blessings, could grab a hasty bite to eat on their way to overspending for our next over-commercialized holiday. (I’m biting my tongue HARD to keep from going off on a tangent.)


Don with Gabby & Ian

Don with Gabby & Ian

I started putting the cornbread stuffing together at 7:30 this morn, by 9 I had the bird stuffed & in the oven. It was 5 when everyone gathered for the feast, bringing all the traditional trimmings with them. Jason said The Blessing & we each ate until we were too full to move. 6 year old Gabby tried her best to take down a turkey leg all by herself. She gave it a valiant effort but in the end her eyes proved bigger than her little stomach. While the girls cleaned up the kitchen, papa rough housed on the floor with the Gabby & Ian. He had Ian convinced that his belly button was a screw &  if it became loose, Ian’s butt would fall off. Poor gullible Ian grew quite concerned about the status of his backside until grandpa pretended to tighten his belly button, preventing the loss of Ian’s behind. Then Kristi brought out the pies, pumpkin, apple & chocolate. We visited for a short period but soon Jason & Kristi had to leave. Kristi, Brad & Maddy must be on the road very early Sunday. They are driving to West Port, Connecticut. Brad had been excepted several months ago into a Ketamine trial to help his Bipolar Disorder. He’s been on a waiting list & patiently awaiting the day he’d be called to begin treatment. Monday’s the big day! We are all as eager & anxious as Brad is. With hugs, kisses, & “safe travels” we said our goodbyes until they return on Wednesday.

Maddy, Bobbi, Don, Brad & Jason Gabby, me, ma, Kristi & Ian

Maddy, Bobbi, Don, Brad & Jason
Gabby, me, ma, Kristi & Ian

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………..

IMG_0260     Brad & Maddy     IMG_0259

IMG_0269     Gabby & Ian with his adored grandpa     IMG_0267

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3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Comes Early

  1. Anonymous

    Oh Gayle, what a wonderful time with family, I wish I could attend, Ma looks wonderful, you and, beautiful! I love you all!!

  2. Well, it’s too bad your daughter has to work on Thanksgiving, but really glad you were there to have an early celebration! Everyone looks very happy! Maybe especially Don…congrats on the guitar!

    I totally get it about spoiled pups…we have 4!

    Enjoy your time with family.

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